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 Thursday, June 21st, 2018
House Pets with Sandy Robins
Features   |   On The House Show and Tell   |   House Pets with Sandy Robins  

July 6, 2013

Water, Water Everywhere

As the weather heats up, it’s really important to keep pets hydrated.

Animals in the wild enjoy drinking from running water sources and this is very easy to recreate for a pet both in the garden and in the home.

There are a variety of pet drinking fountains that can be installed outside. Many are freestanding; others can be attached to a wall. Make sure the height is right for all the pets in the household to reach before installing.

There is an equally large array of indoor drinking fountains that plug in and operate on a low-voltage system. Again, be sure to buy one big enough for all the pets in the home to drink out of. I like those made from stainless steel or ceramic because they are easy to dismantle and put in the dishwasher from time to time.

The thing with pet fountains, as with people drinking water systems, be sure to replace the carbon filters every 6-8 weeks.

I like to top up daily by adding blocks of ice especially in the hot weather because it's a way of keeping the water cool.

However there are also special drinking bowl like Frosty Bowlz, which come with a special ring that you freeze solid in the freezer and then place inside the base of the bowl. It will keep the water cool for up to 10 hours. This type of bowl can be used both indoor and outside.

But if you are really looking for a do it-yourself garden project, consider purchasing a small garden fountain and installing it in strictly for use as a pet drinking source. Be sure to choose a design that has a ground-height bowl. There are plenty of different designs to choose form.

It’s important to remember to keep it clean and not allow any algae build up. Also you have to ensure you clean it with non-toxic chemic cleaners. Vinegar works to keep things fresh. Remember to rinse it out well. But if you scrub it out with a brush regularly and refill, it is hassle-free, attractive in an outdoor setting and your pets will certainly enjoy the benefits.

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