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 Friday, July 20th, 2018

Add Attic Insulation
As a general rule, if you have less than 12 inches of attic insulation you probably need more.  The ideal number is between 16 and 22 inches with a minimum R-Value of 49.  Owens Cornings fiberglass insulation products are GreenGuard Certified for indoor air quality and they feature a minimum of 35% recycled glass content enough material to cover a football field twenty stories high!  

Install a Programmable Thermostat
Why cool the house when nobody's home? A programmable thermostat can automatically lower or raise a homes air temperature during the day. By regulating the temperature, homeowners can save up to 10 percent on annual heating and cooling costs.

Close the Shades
Keep windows covered with shades and blinds during the day to prevent the sun's rays from heating the interior of the home. In particular, cover windows facing the south and west where the sun shines the strongest and brightest.

Plug the Drafts
Sealing the envelope of the home is the first line of defense against drafts, so it's important to caulk and weather-strip around all seams, cracks and openings. Pay special attention to windows and near electrical boxes. Unwanted air leakage alone can raise energy bills by up to 10 percent.

Turn on the Fan
Simply turning on the fan can make its inhabitants feel several degrees cooler because it circulates the air, essentially creating a "wind chill" effect. Plus, fans use less energy than air conditioning units and HVAC systems.

Take a Home Energy Audit
Understanding how much energy a home uses helps homeowners determine what changes will save them the most energy and money. For an easy home energy audit, check out the Home Report Card The quiz provides tailored recommendations on improving home energy efficiency and can be found at www.owenscorning.com/homereportcard.

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