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 Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Q & A Categories » General Household Tips

Clogged Aerosol Can Help!


Can you PLEASE tell me how to fix an aerosol can that stops working? If I don't use them for a while after I buy them I have a problem with them. It seems like they lose their pressure.



Good question Stephanie. From bug spray to spray foam to paint and more, a clogged aerosol can tip is a problem many people experience on a regular basis. Not all, but most aerosol tips can be easily cleaned. After using an aerosol spray, turn the can upside-down and spray for about 10 seconds. Doing so will send only air through the tip and that will clean it sufficiently. Once cleaned, the tip will remain clean until its next use. For the tips that are already clogged try to clean them with a needle. Sort of a rotor rooter for spray can tips.

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