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 Saturday, August 18, 2018
Q & A Categories » General Household Tips

Funny Taste Coming From Hot Water Dispenser


We have a hot water dispenser in the house, and when we returned from a summer vacation where no one used it, we noticed a funny taste in the water. We let it run for awhile to see if that cleared it, but it hasnít. What can we do?



The taste is likely coming from some kind of mineral deposits on the electric coil inside. These dispensers were not made to come apart and be cleaned, but you could try doing that yourself if youíre handy. As for a professional cleaner, you could probably buy a new hot water dispenser for the same amount (or less) than youíd pay someone to clean it. Sorry to be bearers of bad news. Fortunately, hot water dispensers donít cost thousands of dollars.

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