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 Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Q & A Categories » Plumbing

How/When to 'Bleed' Your Water Lines


In my house lately, whatever water we turn on – sinks and tubs and even the toilet – the water comes on with a burst of pressure before settling to normal. Could this have anything to do with a leak we had a couple months ago? The plumber said it came from the pressure relief valve near the top of the heater. There have been no leaks since then.



The pressure relief valve has nothing to do with your problem. It sounds more like you need to “bleed” your water lines. Air is trapped in the system. Also, the pressure regulator at the outside of your home may be haywire. The least expensive of the two repairs is bleeding the lines. Here’s how: · Turn off the main water valve. · Turn on the outside faucet nearest to the main valve. · Also turn on a faucet in the house. · Wait for all the water to drain from the system. · Turn the main water valve on again · When the outside faucet stops sputtering turn it off. · When the inside faucet stops sputtering turn it off. If bleeding the lines doesn’t work call a plumber in to help you repair your pressure control valve.

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