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 Saturday, August 18, 2018
Q & A Categories » General Household Tips

How to Repair Stucco


My neighbors recently had their home re-stuccoed, but the stucco at the base of the house [foundation] is breaking away. They’ve already moved the dirt away and stopped planting in that area of the garden. Can they repair this without re-doing the whole house?

Ann, San Diego CA


A stucco problem at the foundation is usually pretty easy to fix. First, use a pressure washer to break off all the loose plaster and minerals at the foundation. Next, apply a bonding agent (special glue). To finish, simply trowel on a latex stucco patch to fill the voids. Because there will always be a problem caused by water on the ground wicking up to the foundation and pushing away the stucco, you might want to consider painting the area instead. Paint will breathe where the stucco won’t, and for that reason it usually lasts much longer. Here’s what to do: Scrape off all the stucco and use a belt sander to smooth and clean the concrete (Yep, it really works!). Finally, apply a coat of paint colored to match the stucco. This will be unnoticeable to most people. Actually, most builders prefer painting the foundation because of the problem you have described.

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