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 Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Q & A Categories » Electrical and Lighting



Please say you can help me. Often I get these ideas I think are terrific, then find that "we don't make those anymore" or "you can't find those anymore."

I know this is not true - in theory and fact, if you have enough money (and time), you can have anything you like.

Well, I have some time and little money and need two floor lamps to be put at each end of my sofa, so that I can have enough light so that I can read.

The lamps I have now have on end tables are not sufficient. I use the one near my head, at highest wattage level, and it is still not centered.

Could you tell me where I can have such lamps as that illustrated made - or if there is something similar sold retail?



You're right given enough money (even without much time) there is almost nothing you can't have, but that isn't always the most practical solution. If you want a custom made light fixture simply pick up the phone and (888) 252-7874 and you'll be talking to one of the folks at Casella Lighting.

Casella Lighting or Galaxy Lighting are larger bay area light fixture companies that may also have what you want in standard stock for quite a bit less money.

If budget is a real concern check out a photography store in your area. You might want to consider a small inexpensive amateur photographer's boom light on a telescoping stand that will adjust to the height and throw you desire. Be careful in selecting a paper shade -- you might be asking for a fire.

By the way -- if you decide on a photographer's boom light make sure to tell the person at the photography store that you don't want their type of light bulb. They burn hot, cost a lot and don't last very long. And, anyway they're too bright.

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