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For the Right Garden, Plant the Right Plants - Go Native

Remember to go native. Native plants are the ones that have been growing naturally in your neck of the woods for centuries.

Native plants are vigorous and hardy so they can survive winter cold and summer heat. Once established, they require no irrigation or fertilization and are resistant to most pests and diseases. This means low maintenance gardening and landscaping.

There are hundreds of non-native plants that are well adapted to various parts of the country. However, many non-natives could invite invasive pest disease, and over growth. They usually require more water, feeding, and care.

Local nurseries that grow their own plants are the best resource for natives, so ask the locals.

And to minimize maintenance: Cut back on fertilizers and prune only when necessary. Over fertilizing and constantly watering can cause plants to produce tender, succulent growth, that bugs adore.

Installing a drip irrigation system, put on a timer would be a wise decision to maintain growth throughout. Pour yourself a glass of lemonade made from the water and time you’ll save.

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