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Easy Fall Home Maintenance: Avoid Potential Problems

Leaf & Yard clean up is common on the Fall To Do list for most homeowners, but gutter cleaning remains one of the most dreaded items that is often pushed down the list.  This results in expensive property damage for countless homeowners every year.

Rain gutters that are not properly directing water off the roof and away from the home can cause rotting fascia boards, water damage to interior walls and ceilings, wet basements, cracked foundations and ice dams just to name a few.

Climbing a ladder to clean gutters yourself is dangerous, messy work and paying someone to clean your gutters on a regular basis can be expensive.

Our goal in creating GutterBrush 10 years ago was simple and it remains the same today...
To provide homeowners with the simplest, most effective and affordable solution possible to keep rain gutters flowing and avoid expensive clogged gutter damage.

What Is GutterBrush?:
It’s basically a giant bottle brush that fills your gutters and acts as a filter blocking leaves and debris while allowing water to flow through.  Bristles are a durable UV protected polypropylene spun through a heavy gauge galvanized steel wire.  GutterBrush stays in your gutters protecting them year round. We have been manufacturing and testing GutterBrush for over ten years in every climate and geography out there and it performs great in the coldest winter conditions as well as the hot summer sun.  No tools are needed for installation. Just slide 3 ft. sections of GutterBrush into your gutters end to end.  You can bend sections around corners and even fold a piece back into itself to create a shorter custom length if needed. 

Easy Installation - DIY or Contractor Installed
For anyone who is willing and able to clean their own gutters, GutterBrush is a great do it yourself solution to keep gutters flowing and help reduce or eliminate the need for regular gutter cleaning.

For others who may be very capable Do it Yourselfers, but simply prefer to avoid dangerous work from a roof or ladder, any home service contractor could easily install GutterBrush for you.  We work with partners all over the country who have found GutterBrush to be a great addition to their primary contracting business or services: Handymen, Landscapers, Painters, Roofers, and gutter installers to name a few.  You can visit our website to find local GutterBrush Installers and Retail locations in your area.

Other Gutter Guard Options: What Makes GutterBrush Better?
There are certainly plenty of options out there to guard your gutters against leaves and clogs but we truly believe that ours is the simplest, most common sense option available.
Simple installation in your existing gutters
Affordable protection ($200 - $300 for most homes)
Made in the USA / Money Back Guarantee

Maintenance & Setting Honest Expectations:
No gutter guard system is perfect and all will require some maintenance to keep operating at their best.  This is where GutterBrush really stands out from the competition.  Since nothing is attached to your gutters or inserted under your shingles, you maintain easy access to your gutters for any occasional maintenance or cleaning that may be needed.  Many customers with pine needles and maple "helicopter" seed problems have told us that they were cleaning their gutters 6 - 8 times per year before installing GutterBrush and now they have reduced any cleaning to once every 18 months - 2 years.  Cleaning or maintenance is a simple process of removing 3 ft. sections and shaking out any debris build up.  So, while we can’t promise that you will NEVER touch your gutters again, we can promise you that GutterBrush will keep your gutters flowing and reduce your need for regular cleaning and maintenance.... Or your money back!


About GutterBrush: The idea for GutterBrush came about by accident when founder Bob Schreiber left an old chimney sweep brush he used to help clean his gutters at a PA cabin laying over the downspout.  Six months later all of the gutters were full of debris except the small area where the chimney brush still rested… This area was still flowing and an idea was born!  Why not fill your entire gutter channel with a big bottle brush to keep most debris out while allowing water to flow?

Bob and his son Randy developed the product now known as GutterBrush and started offering it to customers in the Cleveland, OH area in early 2004.  The response was incredible and soon they were shipping this simple, unique gutter guard all over the country. 

Today GutterBrush is still a family owned business where Bob & Randy pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service and the simplest, most effective and affordable option available to keep rain gutters flowing, keep homeowners off the ladder and prevent expensive clogged gutter damage to homes.

GutterBrush is proudly made in the USA and we stand behind everything we sell with a simple Money Back “Happy Customer Guarantee”  If the customer isn’t happy, we aren’t happy.  Lifetime warranty against any material defects or breakdown.


Made in the U.S.A. - Risk Free / Happy Customer Guarantee:
All GutterBrush is made in the U.S.A. and we stand behind our products with a simple Happy Customer Guarantee:  If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy and we offer a money back guarantee to make sure our customers have a positive experience with our product and our company.

Lifetime Warranty against any material defects or break down.

Sizes: GutterBrush comes in sizes to meet just about any gutter need:
By far the most common size is our Standard 5” GutterBrush for typical residential rain gutters, but we also manufacture GutterBrush in a range of diameters from as small as 3.25” up to 8” for larger commercial or industrial gutter systems.

Cost: GutterBrush is one of the most affordable options out there to protect your gutters. A less than $3.00 / ft. for Standard 5” Gutters. Most homes can be completely protected for $200 - $300.

Look for your GutterBrush Discount information at onthehouse.com
October 5 -7

Website: www.GutterBrush.com     Phone: 888-397-9433


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