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We are officially enjoying the summer around the country.  Lawn furniture is out, picnics are planned and kids and pets are enjoying the fresh air.   To make that experience the best it can be in your backyard, or at the beach, The Liquid Fence Company provides a wide array of products to improve your summer.


Keeping a comfortable relationship with Nature can sometimes be a challenge.  As much as we enjoy seeing bunnies and deer, we may not necessarily want them nibbling in our garden.

Of course, there is our flagship product, Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent, to the rescue.  Without it, nature’s nibblers would wreak havoc on your beautiful beds and plantings.  In both liquid and granular forms, it deters deer and rabbits from destroying your hard work.  But our line has grown over the years to deter a wide array of animals and insects.

Our line can help you repel:

Whether you have a problem with moles tunneling under your patio, or geese roaming your lawn, Liquid Fence products can remove the heartache from your backyard experience.  Developed by chemical engineers in eco-safe formulas, all our products remain true to our two paramounts: that they work and that they’re safe for your family, your pets, and your soil.

Liquid Fence Animal Repellents will not harm the animals.  They use the animals’ instincts against them, discouraging them from your protected yard.  Targeting the most serious offenders, our line is consistently growing to keep your relationship with nature as Zen as possible.

By December of this year, our much-anticipated Liquid Fence Squirrel Repellent will be on the shelves of a store near you.  The new product, like our others, isn’t harmful – just effective.



Possibly the biggest complaint during the summer months (other than maybe the heat or humidity) is the bugs.  Though we want to dine al fresco in the evening, the mosquitoes, gnats, fleas and ticks can be a real deterrent for outdoor activities.

The Liquid Fence product line offers a two-fold battle strategy: deter the insects from the yard, and from biting you personally.  By protecting your property with our Yard Net line, you deter biting insects from your area.  Having a barbecue?  Spread or spray our Yard Net Insect Repellent and enjoy the festivities without the nuisance and discomfort of mosquitoes and gnats.   The first of its kind on the market, Yard Net granular is a week-long time release formula – remaining just as potent on Day Seven as Day One.

To protect yourself, your family and your pets, trust our Liquid Net Personal and Liquid Net for Pets.  Available in handy sprays or wipes, Liquid Net is pleasantly-scented, comprised of botanical oils and DEET-Free.  Best of all, in independent lab testing, it out-performed competitor products with 25 percent DEET!  Why risk your health and safety to deter insects when there is a healthy and safe alternative?  Convenient and portable, keep a pack of wipes in your glove box or diaper bag to use at the beach, the playground or the golf course.  Stay bug-free while remaining DEET-free; perfect!



It’s the time of year to pack up the marshmallows and tent.  Whether you rest you head in an RV or a sleeping bag under the stars, insects and snakes can really hamper your fun.  When loading up the car, make sure you’re stocked up on Yard Net, Liquid Net and Liquid Fence Snake Repellent.

By protecting yourself with Liquid Net Insect Repellent, you can enjoy fishing, hiking and singing around the campfire – bite free.  And the pleasant scents of lemongrass, cedarwood and the like won’t discourage family time, but will deter biting insects from snacking on you.

Our granular Snake Repellent is eco-safe and contains diatomaceous earth, so you won’t be leaving a foul footprint on your campground, and snakes will remain at a safe distance from your camp site.  This is a huge advancement and allows those with serious snake phobias to breathe easier in the great outdoors.



Through continuous research and dedication to consumer safety, The Liquid Fence Company is expanding to even more areas of safe and effective home, lawn and landscape products.  Our products come with a 100% Moneyback Guarantee; you can try them and see for yourself that we stand behind what we sell.
The best way to stay informed about our products is by visiting our web site, our blog or our pages on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  To get started, visit www.liquidfence.com.

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