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June Home Maintenance Time!

With the warmer weather here, it's time to tackle those projects that will keep your home in tiptop condition and looking great for many years to come! So gather up your soap, hose, broom, paint, and caulking….. let's get going!

Clean and seal decks. Ideally, you'll need three consecutive warm, sunny days. On day one, dry out the deck. Apply deck cleaner and scrub the deck on the second day and let it dry 24 hours. On the third day, apply deck sealer and remember to buy the best quality sealer you can afford! And, don't forget to repair wobbly handrails to prevent a serious fall!

Hire a certified chimney sweep to inspect and clean chimneys. Doing this task now instead of the fall allows plenty of time for repairs before the next heating season. Schedule a sweep; they are more available in the summer!

Wash the exterior of your house, using ordinary garden hose pressure and a mild detergent. Beware of the pressure washers -- they are powerful enough to force water under the siding where it may encourage mildew and rot.

Caulk exterior joints around window and doors. Keep the cool air in and the hot air out for increased energy savings.

Clean lint from the entire clothes dryer vent system, from the dryer to the exterior vent cap. Save your home from a dryer fire.

Inspect and repair or repaint all patio and deck furniture. Eliminate rough edges and fix wobbly chair and table legs. If you are repainting, spice it up with a bright color for some fun! Add some new cushions and pillows while you are at it. Create a wonderful outdoor living room!

Check operation of attic fans and roof-mounted turbine vents. Properly working attic fans and turbines can help save on energy!




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