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Got Summer Snakes?

Chase snakes away - naturally!

Keep snakes off your patio, out of your rock garden or foundation and away from your family, pets and livestock - with environmentally-safe Liquid Fence Snake Repellents. The makers of America's number-one selling deer and rabbit repellent have created naphthalene-free repellents that are guaranteed to drastically reduce disturbing - and sometime dangerous - snake infestation problems. From backyard to barnyard, you'll improve the quality of your environment by virtually eliminating the presence of snakes - guaranteed!

No naphthalene means no worries!

Many snake repellents contain Naphthalene (the major component in mothballs). Scientific studies have shown that this chemical presents health hazards to both humans and animals. In fact, the EPA has classified it as a Group C, possible human carcinogen. Liquid Fence Snake Repellent contains NO naphthalene. In fact, all the ingredients in Liquid Fence Snake Repellent are on the EPA's FIFRA 25(b) list of minimal risk ingredients.

How it works...

Although perfectly safe for humans and animals, the patented combination of ingredients in Liquid Fence Snake Repellent irritate and confuse a snake's chemosensory systems (sense of taste, smell). When these senses are baffled, the snake is unable to gather information about its surrounding environment, forcing it to look elsewhere to inhabit.

The spray is specially formulated to penetrate deeply into the cracks and crevices where snakes like to hide.

Liquid Fence Snake Repellent has been university tested and proven effective against most common types of snakes.




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