The Carey Brothers have supported Rebuilding Together for over 20 years and have continually contributed our time, tools, funds and media assets to this wonderful organization. Rebuilding Together doesn’t give handouts. They help individuals who have worked their whole lives, paid for their homes, sent their children to college and then, on fixed incomes, have become poverty stricken by inflation. To support this wonderful organization we are partnering with Rebuilding Together and WD 40 to promote the “Tradesperson of the Year Award 2012”.

We know that our listeners and readers have a special place in their heart for the charity of their choice and we want to applaud those of you who work so hard to make your community, your state and our nation; a better place to live. We may not know your name, but someone knows your work is important. That’s why you should nominate a person you know that gives back to their community as Tradesperson of the Year! One day you may need a helping hand, be a good neighbor and give a hand to your cause.

In this month’s issue you will find the WD-40 Rebuilding Together Tradesperson of the Year nomination page under contests and promotions. The award, as you will read, is given to an individual who was nominated for giving back to his community. I’m sure you know someone that deserves the award, nominate them today, before nominations close January 20, 2012.

James, Morris and Rebecca

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January 7, 2012 Rebecca will be cleaning out closets this week. James and Morris will be repairing and re-organizing the holiday decorations before they are stored for the year. What a JOB! Give us your tips for reorganizing and cleaning; just call the OTH guys James and Morris for super help at 800 737-2474.
January 14, 2012 Don’t miss this show, James and Morris have been to the Consumer Electronics show this week. Wow, what a proverbial “candy store” of everything new, and exciting from the electronics industry. Televisions, cameras, home smart systems, appliances and more.  We’ll tell you all about our great finds. Give us a call at 800 737-2474 for the answers to your questions!
January 21, 2012 The holidays are behind us and we are planning a great new year, how about you? The list of resolutions is getting longer and we need to do some serious time management. Just like you James, Morris and Rebecca have some thoughts on what important home care is and when it should be done! Join us this week for our On the House Home Care Calendar. Give us a call at 800 737-2474 with you tips for your list!
January 28, 2012 Are you planning a project for spring? Sprucing up the kitchen or a bath, rebuilding a deck or porch? Give us a call at 800 737-2474. Let James, Morris and Rebecca help you get started. We can give you ideas, help with the right materials, and even give you some hints on the best paint color! All this great information will be On the House!


Grow Paperwhite Narcissus Indoors
These bright, cheery blooms and a sweet scent are a real pick me up dreary winter's day………And they will make for a great gift anytime of the year! Read more...

Christmas Tree Alternative
There isn't always the space for a full size tree.... Read more...

Holiday Cyclamen
Cyclamen as potted Holiday plants can be found all over the globe in December, and January Read more...

Holiday Recycling at
As you get ready to undeck the halls, here are a few helpful tips to guarantee your Christmas tree doesn’t end up in a landfill. Read more...

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How Much Does Your Purse Weigh?
Ladies, ever wondered why your back and shoulders hurt? Read more...

How Much Sleep Do You Need?
According to the National Institutes of Health, the average adult sleeps less than 7 hours per night. Read more...

What is a Prebiotic?
You have heard about the benefits of probiotics, what about prebiotics? Read more...

Real Food for Real Health
Eat Food. Not too much, mostly plants.

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Quiet Time Laws
Across the street, Sam revs up his chainsaw and attacks his Elm tree. How is a man to take his power nap? Read more...

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
Haven't these people ever heard of purple or green? Or suppose that your new house has a big backyard and you envision a work shed for your power tools, or a nice mother in law unit. Read more...

Social Host Liability
What happens if someone you serve alcohol to drives drunk and injures someone? Read more...

Sidewalk Liability
You live in a nice older home in a nice older neighborhood with a nice older public sidewalk running in front. There are a few cracks in the sidewalk, but it is safe if you watch where you are walking. Read more...

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