Fall leaves will soon create a golden-brown blanket that covers our yard and more. As seasons have changed so has “On the House”. We have weathered a major remodel and a new addition! We moved our website to a new host because we want our site to work at peak performance and speed. Unfortunately, the remodel brought with it several glitches and much confusion. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you and want to thank you for your patience. We still have several more repairs and upgrades to complete, but the system should remain very dependable. Our addition is wonderful. We now have our very own app at the Apple iTunes Store. The “On the House” app is up and running and raring to go. We invite you to visit the ITunes store and download the app -- it’s free. It’s a gift meant especially for you. Let us know how you like it. A special note to all the families that have been impacted by Hurricane Irene: our thoughts are with you for a quick recovery.

Morris and James Carey and Rebecca Cole
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   Dakota Alert is a family operated business with roots deep in the South Dakota prairie. Years ago, we were interested in being able to know when someone was driving up our lane. This search led us to produce several different types of driveway alarms, from wireless motion detectors, weight sensors and more. All of our products were designed and developed to meet the needs of our customers, including products such as the DCMA-2500. It sets the standard for long-range wireless driveway alarms. The battery operated outdoor sensor will detect people or vehicles up to 50 feet away and then send a radio signal back to the receiver in the house up to half a mile away.

   The past years have been very exciting at Dakota Alert. We have had a great time talking with all our customers on the phone and meeting some in person. As good as the past has been, we look forward to the future with great anticipation. We are always seeking to improve on our product offerings with superior wireless ranges and simple do-it-yourself installations; we are setting the standard for wireless driveway alarms. Our wireless alarms can be used on any part of your property. Dakota Alert can be a simple and cost effective addition your home safety and security system.



Why WOOD You?

As fall approaches, leaves descend and begin to fill rain gutters … how is your home being protected for the upcoming months of unpredictable and oftentimes harsh weather?

Wood products pose perhaps the greatest risk in that they’re susceptible to rotting, warping and discoloration. Wood alternative products, however, give the appearance of real wood without any of the disadvantages, not to mention the preservation of precious natural resources. Moreover, these products provide significant sustainability, endurance and strength against harsh conditions. So with these alternative products, why “wood” you choose anything else?




September 3, 2011 This is the last hoorah of summer! Just like you, James, Rebecca and Morris will be enjoying the last official weekend of summer with their families. Please enjoy our “Best of On the House” this Saturday. We will all be back next week LIVE and ready to answer your questions.
September 10, 2011 Rebecca is ready to help you get your garden ready for fall. James is looking for some great new apps for your smart phones and Morris is checking out new tools for your workshop. Are you stuck in a project, do you want some advice? Please give us a call at 800 737-2474. We have an answer for you and maybe you have a tip for us.
September 17, 2011

Fall is a good time to do some preventative home maintenance. Get prepared for cold weather and save some money. Let Morris and James tell you how. Rebecca Cole will start winterizing your garden. Whether it’s inside or outside, it’s always “On the House”. Give us a call at 800 737-2474 with you tips and questions.

September 24, 2011

Are the leaves turning color in your yard? Is there a chill in the air? Are you thinking about what’s left on your annual “TO DO” list that needs to be finished up? Morris, Rebecca and James will help you get it all done and it will be “On the House”! Just pick up your phone and give us a call at 800 737-2474. We have some great home improvement tips and answers for your questions LIVE.


Fruit and Veggies……
Celebrate the huge variety of fruits and vegetables available for summer decorating. Read more...

Be a Furniture Mover
Shift furniture around the home to give a new look. Read more...

Why Choose a Color Consultant?
No Guesswork Involved. A trained Consultant is skilled at knowing how to use color to accomplish the end result you are seeking: Read more...

Buy Your Spring Bulbs Now
For a big payoff in spring, fall is the time to plant spring bloom bulbs. So on your mark, get ready, shop for the bulbs that will make your spring garden unique and colorful. Read more...

Check out Rebecca’s website to get all your design, garden,
and floral needs at

Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet
Is your medicine cabinet filled with expired drugs or medications you no longer use? How should you dispose of them? Read more...

Clutter Got You Crazy?
Are you surrounded by clutter? Are you feeling anxious because you can't seem to get a handle on all the paper and disarray in your home or office? Are you feeling stressed? Here is the good news….. Read more...

How Much Water Do You Need?
Some experts believe you can estimate the amount of water you need by taking your weight in pounds and dividing that number in half. That gives you the number of ounces you may want to drink each day. Read more...

Listen to the Music of Your Heart Listening to your favorite music may be good for your cardiovascular system. Read more...

Check out Karel’s website to get all your fitness needs at challengeaging.com.


Contractors and Mechanics Liens
Suppose, a contractor that you hired to remodel your kitchen demands your $2000.00 retention. Read more...

Attractive Nuisance
An attractive nuisance is a something on your property, which attracts children, but is dangerous to children. Read more...

Eminent Domain
The power of the government to take private property is called "eminent domain" or "condemnation.” Read more...

Defending the Guilty
How can you defend someone when you know they are guilty?”

If you have a homeowners legal question please
send it to: info@onthehouse.com



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