October is the start of a really busy season in our home. There are hoards of birthdays, family and school activities and the approach of the upcoming holiday season. There is so much to do and so little time. But, with just a little bit of planning things don’t have to become overwhelming.

Make a list of what you need to do to get your home in order so that fixing breakfast is a breeze not a challenge and so that keeping the house warm at night doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Don’t wait until New Year’s Day to make a resolution that will save you time and money.

"Winterize" your home now before it gets to cold. Recycle this seasons decorations, do your holiday shopping when things go on sale – for real, clean and “de-clutter” a little every day and all that you do will equal less wear and tear on you and the home that you love. Don't save all the indoor and outdoor projects for the last minute. Enjoy and breathe!

Morris and James Carey and Rebecca Cole

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Fall is one of the best times for backyard bird
watching, so here’s how to get ready!

Yes the signs of fall are here… Chilly evenings… Leaves changing… Vacationing birds?

Fall is one of the best times for backyard bird feeding, because it’s an opportunity to see many colorful birds that are not normally in your area. This is migration time for many species who are on winter vacation and passing through your area to get to their tropical vacation destinations. They are also still wearing their bright summer colors while traveling, making them even more fun to observe.



Remodeling America, One Surface at a Time

Today, more than ever, it is important to obtain the best value for every dollar spent. Semco Remodeling is the source for obtaining surfacing products that really bring value. We specialize in Remodel Without Removal Surfacing which allows you to give a whole new seamless cement surface without the hassle, time and cost of removing the existing surface. SEMCO’s Remodel Without Removal surfacing is the only material that you can use on floors, walls, countertops, showers, and is actually applied right over any existing solid surface.



Taking Inside Designs Outdoors

In the current economy, we all know extra incentives and add-ons increase resale value to current homes and new properties. As early as 2007, homeowners began requesting greater attention to outdoor living spaces with upscale renovations including kitchens, courtyards and decoration, according to an annual home design survey to architects by the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

More recently, a survey from the 2008 National Association of Homebuilder's 2008 among designers, architects, marketers and builders found that 65 percent of luxury homebuyers will be expecting outdoor features for their homes, including fireplaces, gourmet outdoor kitchens, furniture, and decorative accessories among the list of other outdoor living indulgences.



October 1, 2011 Fall is officially upon us! It is now fix-up, clean-up, spruce-up time for the coming holidays and we are running out of time! Join us LIVE with your questions and tips at 800 737-2474.
October 8, 2011 Is it time to store the garden equipment and tools? Have you cleaned out your garage this year? Now is the time. James and Morris have some great tips for garage storage and Rebecca starts you off on sprucing up your garden for fall. Please give us a call at 800 737-2474. We have an answer for you and maybe you have a tip for us.
October 15, 2011 Fall is a good time to do some preventative home maintenance. Get prepared for cold weather and save some money. Let Morris and James tell you how. Rebecca has some autumn decorating tips to share with you that will make your home spectacular! Whether it’s inside or outside, it’s always “On the House”. Give us a call at 800 737-2474 with you tips and questions.
October 22, 2011 Are the leaves turning color in your yard? Is there a chill in the air? Are you thinking about what’s left on your annual “TO DO” list that needs to be finished up? Morris, Rebecca and James will help you get it all done and it will be “On the House”! Just pick up your phone and give us a call at 800 737-2474. We have some great home improvement tips and answers for your questions LIVE.
October 29, 2011 Only two days left until Halloween. Is your home or yard safe for little Trick or Treaters? Listen in for some simple home safety tips you can use. Rebecca will be draping cobwebs around the studio, while James and Morris will busy eating all the treats! Join the fun, pick up your phone and give us a call at 800 737-2474 with your Halloween treats and tips!


Need to Make the Most of a Limited Space?
A generously scaled sofa, mirror, chair, rug, or piece of furniture will trick the eye. Read more...

Love Those Lilly Bulbs!
The lily is the fourth most popular flower sold in the United Sates. Many plants have lily in their common names, such as canna lily--only those in the Lilium genus are true lilies. Read more...

Saggy Sofa?
The sofa is the piece of furniture in most living rooms and family rooms, but if your couch is anything less than comfortable, you have a problem. Read more...

Simple DIY Glamour
Don't throw that old table or chest out! Make it glamorous…… Read more...

Check out Rebecca’s website to get all your design, garden,
and floral needs at

Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet
Is your medicine cabinet filled with expired drugs or medications you no longer use? How should you dispose of them? Read more...

Pain, Pain, Go Away!
Ever wonder how your body processes that painful whack of your toe against a table leg? Read more...

Is it Soap or Not?
Today there are very few true soaps in the traditional sense, on the market! Read more...

Check out Karel’s website to get all your fitness needs at challengeaging.com.


Contractors and Mechanics Liens
Suppose, a contractor that you hired to remodel your kitchen demands your $2000.00 retention. Read more...

Neighbor Dispute Caused by Water Run-Off
On a warm summer morning you are going to get tools to do your honey-do list when you find that your garden shed has been flooded and your favorite tools have been damaged. You remember that your neighbor up the hill has re-graded and landscaped his yard with a new sprinkler system. His water run-off is flooding your yard. Can you hold him responsible? Read more...

If you have a homeowners legal question please
send it to: info@onthehouse.com



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