It seems like it was just July now here it is November and almost Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for: our health, the richness of our families and friends, the warmth of our homes. There are families still trying to recover from the damage done by Mother Nature, military families that have a loved one returning to a home that needs improvement or modifications. Foster children that need someone to help guide them. A neighbor that needs a helping hand. Please give back to your community this holiday season and every season. There are so many community groups that can use your help. We are thankful for all our listeners, readers and all our friends at Rebuilding Together, CASA or whatever your favorite charity is. Have a very special Thanksgiving.

Morris and James Carey and Rebecca Cole


On The House Express is brought to you in part by:

On The House Express is brought to you in part by:

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Tradeshow Report: Greenbuild and
Remodeling Show/DeckExpo

Trending economic reports continued to firm amid the backdrop of two of our channel's most popular Fall seasonal trade shows: retail sales grew at their fastest pace in seven months, housing starts jumped well above expectations and remodeling activity reached a record 22nd consecutive month of increase.



November 5, 2011 How did November get here already? It’s time to get started preparing for the holidays and putting our homes in order. Time is running out….. Give us a call we can help you fix it, Rebecca will help you fix it up and decorate it too.
November 12, 2011 Join us LIVE from New Orleans and the Rebuilding Together’s Tradesperson of the Year Kick off and the Rebuild 1000 event. Please give us a call at 800 737-2474. We’ll share some local color and tell you what the Rebuilding Together volunteers are doing. And remember today is the last day for the Energy Efficiency Challenge. Enter NOW!
November 19, 2011 Today is the day we all learn the winner of the Energy Efficiency Challenge. Get prepared for cold weather and save some money. Let Morris and James tell you how. Rebecca has some autumn decorating tips to share with you that will make your home spectacular! Whether it’s inside or outside, it’s always “On the House”. Give us a call at 800 737-2474 with you tips and questions.
November26, 2011 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Please enjoy a Best of “On the House” show. We’ll be back next week live and in living color to start December off with “Under the On the House Christmas Tree” See you then!


Dining Room Facelift
Wow, before you know it the holidays will be here. If your dining room doesn't make you smile maybe it's time for a little sprucing up! Read more...

Changing Seasons
Human well-being is closely tied to the natural world. During the summer, our worlds are saturated with daylight and warm breezes. Read more...

Amaryllis Planting and Care
The time to plant is NOW!

Caring For Your Potted Chrysanthemums
Potted chrysanthemums are the most popular year-round flowering gift plant. Read more...

Decorate With a Throw Blanket
What's the difference between throws and blankets? There isn't a big difference between a throw and a blanket- they are both designed to keep you warm.

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Brain Training
Consumers are expected to spend 80 million dollars this year on brain exercise products, up from two million dollars in 2005. Read more...

Fall Health Tips
In many parts of the United States, autumn is a near-sacred season, with its warm, sunny days, cool evenings and postcard perfect colors. Get outside and enjoy the season. Read more...

Bad Habits Have to Go!
Most of us wait until something traumatic happens before we decide to change, but then it may be too late, make the change now. Read more...

Baking Soda Study
Something as simple as baking soda may improve your health! Read more...

Be Particular About Your Plastic
What are the chances that you are buying and bringing BPA right into your own home? Read more...

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Boundary Trees
Where a tree's trunk is growing partly on your property, and partly on your neighbor's property, the tree is called a "boundary tree”... Read more...

Windbreak and Boundary Trees
In most residential neighborhoods, this rule may not seem like a big deal. A tree may be growing right on a property line only by accident. However, in some places, the tree is officially used as a boundary marker. Read more...

Halloween Expert
Sometimes when lawyers wanted to prove facts, they call in people who have special knowledge. In court, these people are called "experts". Read more...

Preparing for Halloween
Unfortunately, if you are an adult, preparing for Halloween involves more than just buying a big bowl of candy and dressing up like Darth Vader. Like no other time of year, Halloween means small children on your property. Read more...

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September 24, 2011

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