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Now is the best time to save on heating costs with the Original SUNHEAT.  As we move toward Spring many people start to think less about heating and more about sunshine and warm weather. The truth is despite warmer days, Spring can be very cool and there will be days well into April that will be cold. With the Original SUNHEAT you can turn off your furnace now and save by putting the heat where you need it, when you need it. 

The two best times to slash your heating costs are Spring and Fall. These two seasons are times when most regions of the country experience wide variation in temperatures. There will be days where the temperature sores into the 70’s and other days and nights that bring cold weather and even snowfall. These colder days and evenings never last very long and it would be a waste to spend extra money to run the furnace. Most SUNHEAT owners truly experience the greatest savings in the Spring and Fall.

Testimonial:  I heat my home with propane and the cost to fill the tank is very expensive. In Wisconsin the temperatures in March and April can still be in the 20’s and 30’s. So I was skeptical of the type of saving I would get with SUNHEAT.  I started using the Original SUNHEAT in March of 2010 and saved enough that spring to fully pay for the cost of the heater. The electric bill came up some but when the season ended my propane tank was till 50% full. . I fully expect to save even more in the fall. I cannot express to you how much I love this heater. I recommend SUNHEAT to everyone I know.
Joe Gomolka in Wisconsin
The long range forecast predicts below average temperatures from the High Plains to the Atlantic Coast, including the Upper Midwest, Heartland and Ohio Valley regions.  Winter may be over but cooler temperatures, rain and even snowfalls are not out of the forecast. Don’t run your furnace this spring, when all you need is the Original SUNHEAT electronic infrared zone heater to provide safe, soft, comfortable warmth.

The Energy Information Administration is projecting higher fuel prices for heating fuels propane and oil, while electricity costs are expected to remain stable. The tradeoff between heating fuels and electricity continues to be a good deal. Get started today and save both now and in the future with a more effective brand of heat, the Original SUNHEAT.

With the end of the heating season so near, the price of the Original SUNHEAT is as low as it’s ever been. SUNHEAT recently lowered the price of their most popular model, SH-1500 with Made in USA cabinetry in the Oak finish to $349; hundreds of thousands of this model have previously sold for $479, other models priced from $169 to $699. If you’ve been putting this off or wondering if it too late to really enjoy the savings of the Original SUNHEAT, have no doubt there has never been a better time to purchase a SUNHEAT.  For more information go to www.sunheat.com or call 1-877-467-8643 for a dealer near you.



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