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Easy deck maintenance made easier

There's no such thing as a completely maintenance free deck, but you can practically ignore redwood and it will still look great and retain its structural integrity for years – just keep it clean and free of debris and a redwood deck will take on a distinctive gray look over time while giving you classic durability.

Keeping your redwood deck looking like new is easy, too. Redwood has long been a favorite of professionals and families that appreciate finer outdoor living in part because it takes a finish beautifully and can be returned to its natural warm look with very little effort. A brush and a hose are about the only tools you need.

Wood brighteners, particularly those based on oxalic acid formulations, simply brush on and hose off to restore redwood's natural color, even after years of use. Let the wood dry, and the warm red tones you've revived can be protected by brushing on a protective finish. Redwood's unique cell structure helps it absorb and hold stains better than most woods.

To make caring for redwood even easier, the California Redwood Association has posted new videos to its website demonstrating proper cleaning and restoring techniques: www.calredwood.org. The site also offers several tips for success, like reminders to work with the grain and guidelines for choosing the finish that will give you the exact look you're after.

Redwood's revamped website also features videos that show how to build some classic redwood projects, like a pool-side shade structure. The site provides lots of project plans available for free download, a design gallery to inspire your creativity, and a locator service to help you find redwood near you.

Natural redwood gives you legendary durability and a look and feel all its own – one you can proudly keep looking great for years with just a little time and effort.

Visit the website often as new how-to videos will be added throughout the year.

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