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BASCO Shower Enclosures is Changing the Way You
Look at Shower Doors

BASCO Shower Enclosures, the industry leader and innovator in tub and shower enclosures, is changing the way you look at shower doors.  BASCO recently launched RODA by BASCO, a collection of distinctly different luxury shower enclosures.

The RODA  brand was designed to not only meet the needs of consumers looking to create their own personal haven, but also to make the experience of purchasing a shower door intuitive and easy – from selecting the style, all the way through the installation process.  And every RODA enclosure is backed by BASCO’s lifetime warranty.

BASCO’s President and CEO, George W. Rohde, drove the initiative behind the RODA brand.

“Our vision for this collection was to ensure that once you experienced RODA, you would never look at shower doors the same way again,” said Rohde.  “We were inspired to imagine more and create a shower enclosure brand that would help define your own personal haven.”

BASCO is well aware of consumer trends, and the company understands what people are looking for when designing their showers.  Every shower enclosure in the RODA collection began with customer-focused innovation.  Whether traditional or contemporary, urban or urbane, BASCO’s distinct, timeless designs and customization allow anyone to bring their vision to life and create the bathroom of their dreams.

“Homeowners desire a space that reflects their own style. But they also want quality products with superior form and function,” stated Rohde.  “Frameless, heavy glass shower enclosures continue to be popular as these options allow homeowners to showcase their extensive tile or stone work in the shower.”

The eight collections under the RODA name offer a number of different styles, configurations and accessory options and include:

  • Geolux:  Unique, striking geometric profile and solid hardware
  • Vonse:  Luxurious motion and ingenious, wave-like beauty
  • Rolaire:  Architectural elegance and high-tech functionality
  • Evo:  Industrial perfection with urban sophistication
  • Celesta:  Streamlined and unencumbered elegance
  • Dresden:  Harmony between function and minimalist design
  • Tresor:  Timeless traditional design with rich enhanced accents
  • Preceria:  Elliptical elegance combined with solid, curvilinear hardware


Nothing makes your bath more of a personal haven than being able to select from an assortment of styles, options and accessories that bring your custom shower door vision to life.

For more information visit http://www.bascoshowerdoor.com/


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