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Studies demonstrate that most Americans spend 80 percent of their time in only 20 percent of their home. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to fire up the home heating system to heat the entire home during the time when only one or two rooms are being occupied. It’s a waste of your hard earned money and our precious natural resources.

The Energy Information Administration (EIA), a division of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, estimates that for every degree you lower the thermostat on your furnace, you’ll save five percent off your heating costs. The EIA suggests using zone heating to warm only the areas of the home you are occupying; bedroom, den, office, basement, or workroom. When you trade the higher cost of using the furnace to heat the entire home for zone heating, there is a net savings.  Families who heat with propane or oil will often see the largest savings. The savings results from trading the high cost to operate your furnace to heat your entire home, for less expensive electric zone heating. The national average for the cost of electricity is ten cents per Kilowatt-hour (Kwh).  The Original SUNHEAT electronic infrared zone heater will use about 15¢ per hour to heat any 700 to 1000 square foot area of your home.

While any supplemental heat source (fireplace, stove, or space heater) may help you with this savings, the issue of safety and effectiveness is important to consider. The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) states that the major causes of most house fires, in the winter, can be directly attributed to home heating equipment (space heaters, fireplaces and stoves). Every year these fires will cause $600 million dollars in property damage, over 1700 injuries and hundreds of lives will be lost, due to home heating equipment. The Original SUNHEAT is safe to operate around children and pets.

The Original SUNHEAT electronic infrared zone heater uses infrared heat waves, like the sun’s rays, to heat any zone of your home. Infrared heat warms at a much lower temperature (less than 210˚F) than other home heating equipment.  The Original SUNHEAT uses six infrared heat tubes and three cured copper cylinders inside a steel heat exchanger to produce safe, soft, comfortable heat. A high velocity fan pulls air from the room into the heat exchanger. The moisture in the air absorbs the infrared heat from the copper. The warm moist air flows out into the room at between 180˚ and 200˚F. This warm moist air then transfers the infrared heat to you and objects in the room.

The benefits of transitive infrared heating results from the way the warmth is transferred. Most space heaters, including fireplaces and pellet stoves, dry out the air and break up the moisture in the air, which causes the heat to rise like steam from a boiling pot. This heating process removes the humidity from the air and dries out your skin, throat and nasal passages. The Original SUNHEAT infrared heater uses the humidity or moisture in the air to transfer warmth. The water molecules absorb the soft infrared heat and then transfer it out into the room. The water molecule’s ability to hold the heat is similar to the heat index in the summer.  This soft transitive heating process is healthy heat that does not contribute to dry skin, throats and sinuses. The transfer of heat is very even, floor to ceiling and wall to wall.  The results are safe, soft, comfortable and effective infrared heating.

 The Honeywell thermostat on the SUNHEAT heater monitors the room’s temperature. When the room temperature reaches the desired setting, the infrared heat tubes turn off. The Original SUNHEAT will cycle on and off to maintain the room temperature. This heating cycle uses less electricity and saves money.


What makes the Original SUNHEAT better than other infrared heaters on the market?

  • SUNHEAT homeowners report running their Original SUNHEAT an average 10 hours per day for a cost of about $1.50.
  • The Original SUNHEAT is built to last by a 56 year old family owned company dedicated to providing quality products to our customers, through an independent dealer based network.
  • SUNHEAT has twice as much cured copper than our nearest competitor. The more copper the greater the storage capacity. More copper means maximum heat transfer with less energy.
  • SUNHEAT contains six industrial grade heat tubes, each with a life expectancy of 10,000 hours, which combine to produce a heat output of 120˚F over ambient air temperature. Other companies use fewer tubes, with shorter life expectancy, that produce less heat.
  • A whisper quiet, high velocity fan, rated to last 150,000 hrs, circulates the room air, at 125 cubic feet per minute (CFM). Other heaters use fans with a shorter life expectancy and a lower CFM. The fan’s velocity impacts how large of an area that can effectively be heated.
  • A proprietary heavy duty 12 gauge neoprene covered power cord delivers maximum power with minimum energy loss. Other smaller gauge power cords often feel hot to the touch, an indication that energy is being wasted and presenting a potential fire hazard. The SUNHEAT power cord features a flat appliance grade plug to insure a safe positive connection.
  • The MADE in USA Cabinetry is heirloom quality, made from a combination of solid oak and formaldehyde free Pure Bond Medium Density Fiberboard, that utilizes reclaimed wood fiber in a way that is stronger and resists warping.
  • The stain and finish is water based and ultra violet cured; no solvents are used. This ultra hard finish is designed to resists denting and water rings.  
  • The Original SUNHEAT is available in four designer colors: Black, Mahogany, Black Cherry and Golden Oak.
  • There are plenty of reasons people choose the Original SUNHEAT. Compare all the major brands at www.sunheat.com

We invite you to become a SUNHEAT owner and join the hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who benefit from safe, soft, comfortable and effective infrared heating. For more information go to www.sunheat.com.


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