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If the economy can show us anything, smaller is sometimes better.  Many homeowners have recently chosen to downsize from larger to smaller sized residences in order to save on money and upkeep.  And while they are willing to compromise on size, the design and décor of the home seems to be more important than ever. 

Every element in a small room becomes essential to its overall design.  Yet, one factor that is commonly overlooked which makes a lasting impact is the floor.  Many homeowners are unaware of the value and beauty wide plank floors can add to a mid-sized room. 

As a designer’s secret, wide planks are commonly used to open up rooms.  These floors create an illusion of more space, even if parameters are tight.  For this same reason, designers select larger furniture, which helps to fill a small room.

“New England settlers got it right when they incorporated wider planks into their small homes,” said Chris Sy, national sales director of Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.  “Because wide planks leave fewer joint lines, a wide plank floor looks less choppy and allows onlookers’ eyes to admire the wood’s detailing.  This makes them the perfect choice for small rooms and homes.”
Known in the design industry as having the widest and longest flooring planks available, Carlisle meets the desires of discerning homeowners by offering an array of premium wood flooring sizes.  With an average plank width of more than 6 inches compared to the industry average 3.25 inches, Carlisle boards may be custom-made up to 20 inches in width. 

Quality wide plank floors, like Carlisle’s, create a clean palette for smaller rooms which can easily become overwhelmed.  Because they have fewer joint lines, wide plank floors reveal an even appearance that lessens any distractions in a tight setting.  By selecting a wide plank floor, a smaller room’s decor will stay in balance and look less overdone.  Homeowners can also choose to rotate their décor since a wood floor incorporates well with virtually all styles. 

Finally, not only does a wider floor improve a room’s beauty, but it significantly increases its value since larger widths are more desirable.  Carlisle floors are considered unique works of art because they are individually crafted by hand rather than mass produced.  In a recent case done by Carlisle, wide plank floors were installed into a spec home which sold for 400,000 dollars more than another identical home in the same area.  This added value makes wide planks the perfect addition to any home, not just a smaller one.

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