June is here and we welcome the beginning of Summer!† All month long, on the radio and online, youíll get information to cool down, save energy, and save money.† And just in time for summer, On The House proudly announces the start of our Great Backyard Giveaway -- presented by RESCUE! the makers of W∑H∑Y insect traps!

This is your chance to turn your backyard into something you can enjoy for years and years to come with a beautiful Venetian Pergola from Eden Arbors, versatile Grip-Tite Super Socket & Wrench sets, and convenient W∑H∑Y traps to catch wasps, hornets and yellowjackets. There are plenty of chances to win Ė one grand prize winner and over 50 runner-up winners - plus giveaways every week on the radio show during the contest.

Take some time to look through this month's edition of the On The House Express.† We have projects for decking over concrete slabs and watering your garden correctly.† In addition, there are tips for deck safety, keeping slugs and snails out of your garden, and keeping bricks looking attractive.Also included are all your favorite On The House Features.† Everything you need to keep your home & garden enjoyable all season long ~ its all right here at On The House!

  Morris, James and Rebecca
  Morris and James Carey and Rebecca Cole

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Grip-Tite Wrenches
Grip-Tite Wrenches

New England Arbors
New England Arbors


Rebuilding Together
Rebuilding Together


Tahoe Creamery
Tahoe Creamery


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[???] The removal and replacement of cracked or missing mortar between the bricks is called, "pointing." Here's how!

[???] Stop 'em quick as a wink with a froth-headed drink! Here's how!

[???] A pre-holiday check will keep yours from looking like a wreck. Here's how!




PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTATS & THE FACTS — One of the simplest, easiest and cheapest ways to reduce energy use in your home.

THE EMPERORíS NEW CLOTHES DRYERS — Clothes dryers are one of the most energy intensive appliances we have at home.

PHONE-Y BUSINESS — Recycle your old cell phone - now that's nothing to laugh at!

STEADY AS SHE GOES — Energy efficiency with your car is just as important as with your home.

TAP DANCE — Stop wasting water in the house by checking out these simple tips.

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Premier Care In Bathing

Bathroom Renovations: Safe, Secure and Stylish

From slippery surfaces to cluttered collections of products, it’s not a surprise that bathrooms are notorious for being the most accident-prone room in a house. For aging adults, using the bathroom shouldn’t be a hazard. With the right renovations and some simple changes, you can create a bathroom that is safe and comfortable for everyone.   Read more…

Water Gardening

. Looking for a way to put some sparkle in your yard? Have you considered a water garden? Not familiar with the term 'water garden?' You're not alone. When we were kids we simply referred to these backyard oasis as ponds.   Read more…

Being Alive

. by Karel Nunnink
You are walking feeling the soft breeze as it stirs the blades of the tall grasses against your legs.

You catch a glimpse a blur of movement and look behind to see a lion in a now slow moving half crouch.   Read more…

Decking Over a Slab

. Using concrete makes for a great patio. Concrete takes irregularity out of the grade and produces an interesting and easy-to-maintain surface. It can be tooled as a surface drain to distribute water away from the home. It is relatively inexpensive and can be formed and poured in a weekend. And, a concrete slab can last a lifetime.   Read more…

Radio Show June Calendar

June 05
We kick off June with tips and tricks to save you money and energy. This is the month that the weather starts heating up, so will share with you how to stay cool while keeping those utility bills down.
June 12
On The House presents the exclusive remote broadcast from the Pacific Coast Builder's Conference. Straight from San Francisco, PCBC is a community of builders and manufacturers, building scientists and architects, environmental engineers and landscape companies, working together to advance the art and science of community building. And we bring you all the action LIVE!
June 19
We continue our weekly giveaways with free stuff to improve your life. Tools, books, DVD's, and more! There's only one way to win, and that's by listening to the radio show. So tune-in and win!
June 26
On The House brings fun to home improvement with a fact-filled program this week. You have questions, the Carey Brothers & Rebecca Cole have the answers -- so give our pros a call at 1-800-REPAIR-IT, the phone lines are open now!

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It's time once again for the Great Backyard Giveaway where you can enter to win the backyard of your dreams

In The Kitchen, with Dom DeLuiseIn The Kitchen with Dom DeLuise

Here are some of Dom’s best recipes for you and your family to enjoy over the next month!

Roasted Asparagus with Hollandaise — A perfect addition to any meal!

Hawaiian Coleslaw — When you think "coleslaw", you may not think of Hawaii... but this dish will convince you that the best coleslaw comes from our 50th state!

Penne with Escarole and Spicy Italian Sausage — This dish will surely hit the spot!

Roasted Springtime Lamb — Ahh, what better time to eat lamb than spring!

Onion Turkey Balls — These are not only healthy but delicious!


Here are some of Rebecca’s best Gardening and Decorating tips to keep you busy indoors and out all month long!

How to Measure Fabric for Windows — Feel like updating your windows with some new fabric looks. Well you donít have to go far to achieve this. Check out these simple tips on how to measure for size.

May Gardening Tips — Springtime equals gardentime. Here are some tips to help you enjoy this time of year.

Creating an Instant Patio Garden — Easy steps to create a patio garden of your own.

The Essential Powder Room — One of the guilty pleasures of visiting anyone's homes is a trip to the Powder Room. To help you create the ultimate Powder Room, check out these tips.

Herb Gardens — A small herb garden is an essential part of any kitchen. Anyone can have an herb garden with just a little maintenance and care.


Life is Like a Box of Chocolates... — Chocoholics..Listen Up!

Foolproof Pancakes — Breakfast made easy...and delicious!

Peanut Butter Cookies — My 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies are a super easy and delicious dessert for kids and adults alike.

Grill Maintenance Checklists — Memorial Day is almost here! Is your Grill ready?

L & J's Memorial Day Ice Cream Sandwich Cake — Super easy and oh so fun, this frozen treats serves a crowd and warms the hearts of kids and adults alike.

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