2010 is here, can you believe it? Around this time, people all around profess New Year resolutions, and On The House is here to help. Whether its home improvement, design, gardening, health and fitness - we’ve got you covered in 2010 - with us, the Carey Brothers & Rebecca Cole, joined by Chef Jamie and Americas most popular personal trainer Karel Nunnink! Tune-in to the radio show and keep your computers logged on to www.OnTheHouse.com for everything you need to keep those resolutions going all year long.

Want to save money with do-it-yourself projects this year? Take a look at what’s new with our friends at Grip-Tite. They recently introduced a line of Super Wrenches that can handle any job you can throw at it.

Do you want to make your community a better place in the new year? Help out someone less fortunate? Get together with Rebuilding Together and make someone’s dream come true. Rebuilding Together is preparing for a big year of remodeling and renovation in cities all over the country, read all about it in this month’s On The House Express.

And why not be more energy efficient in 2010? Read our Green Tips, presented by Serious Materials.

This past year was tuff for many so we’re looking forward to the New Year, helping out folks all over the country, trying to make their lives a little easier!

Happy New Year!

  Morris, James and Rebecca
  Morris and James Carey and Rebecca Cole

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[???] It's OK to use high-quality caulk on cracks up to about 1/8-inch wide and 1/2-inch deep, but caulk alone should never be used to fill larger gaps. Here's how!

[???] Before you hammer a picture-hook nail into a wall, heat it with a match. Here's how!

[???] If you have loose door hinges, golf tees might be the answer! Here's how!






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Grip-Tite Wrenches

Conquer Repairs that Have Rusted or Rounded Bolts

In today’s economic climate, many Americans are searching for new ways to save money. A common solution is to postpone those large costly purchases and hold on to what you have for a little bit longer. We’re talking automobiles, boats, RV’s or even your kid’s outdoor play set here. In these tight times, many have been holding on to their assets longer and taking routine maintenance and repair issues into their own hands.   Read more…

The Carey Brothers head to Miami Florida for “Kickoff to Rebuild”

. The Carey Brothers will be heading to Miami Florida early next month to once again join Rebuilding Together for the annual “Kickoff to Rebuild”

As On The House Fans know, the Carey Brothers have long been great supporters of the nonprofit Rebuilding Together which provides free critical home repair and renovations to America’s low-income homeowners, especially the elderly, disabled and special groups such as our returning Veterans and victims of natural disaster.   With the help of everyday citizen volunteers, skilled trades people, Rebuilding Together affiliates in America’s largest cities and smallest towns make life considerably better for thousands of low-income homeowners and the communities in which they live by completing 10,000 projects per year.   Read more…

Better Balance in Just One-Step

. by Karel Nunnink
One simple step you can do to create a better balance in your life: READ LABELS

Shop wisely to avoid a range of ailments now attributed to the overuse of refined sugars, trans fats, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated foods.    Read more…

Adding Extra Cable Outlets

. When we made a trip to the Mediterranean, we had already enjoyed cable in our own community for nearly two decades, and we had forgotten how ugly a hoard of antennas could be.   Read more…

How to Install Wall Paneling

. Compared with painting and wallpapering, we think paneling is easier because it's a more "carpenter friendly" project. No drips, no spills, no tears. Just cut, glue and nail.   Read more…

Radio Show January Calendar

January 02
On The House kicks off the New Year, the New Decade off in style. Rebecca talks decorating and design trends. The Carey Brothers talk remodeling and weatherization. Tune-in for the very first broadcast of 2010!
January 09
Chef Jamie stops by to offer her New Year's Resolutions - Food Style. The hosts will share a list of 10 cheap & easy fix-it projects. And the Family Handyman Hint of the Week is a tip for how to know if something is square.
January 16
The Carey Brothers continue the weatherization with ways to beat the cold weather and how to best protect your home. In the Hint of the Week, is advice for fixing storm doors.
January 23
On The House is broadcasting live from the International Builder's Show in Las Vegas! This is your chance to get a backstage pass to biggest home show on the planet! We'll find out what's going to be the future of home improvement and design!
January 30
This week’s show Chef Jamie helps out with energy efficiency, she tells us how to make our refrigerators more efficient. The Carey Brothers will offer there tips for energy efficiency upgrades that are easy to do around the home.

In The Kitchen, with Dom DeLuiseIn The Kitchen with Dom DeLuise

Here are some of Dom’s best recipes for you and your family to enjoy over the next month!

Sweet Potato Soufflé — Don't slam the door! We just don't want your soufflé to fall.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes — Here are some mashed potatoes you surely wont bury your vegetables under!

Pears in Italian Wine — A mouth-watering dessert for the epicure in your life!

Old Fashioned Apple Pie — Nothing More American than Apple Pie!


Here are some of Rebecca’s best Gardening and Decorating tips to keep you busy indoors and out all month long!

How to Choose the Best Christmas Tree — Sometimes, it is tricky to figure out which kind of Christmas tree works best for your home. So here are a few tips on how to choose the best tree for your family.

Toxic Holiday Decorations – Stay Stylish but Safe this Season. — There is nothing more beautiful than bringing nature indoors for the winter holidays. But beware; lurking beneath the surface of all that natural beauty is an organic toxic brew.

A Winter Garden…Indoors — Just because you are putting your garden to bed outdoors, it need not mean you have to stop planting altogether.

Facts About Christmas Trees & Treecycling — Treecycling is the act of recycling your Christmas trees so that they can be turned into compost or mulch. These trees contain valuable nutrients that can be used in other capacities.

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