Thank goodness. Stores across the US are filled with anxious holiday shoppers searching out special gift choices for family and friends. It’s a special time of year and a year to be thankful. No matter what has been lost we are alive and there are those who love us. There is no material wealth equal to the richness associated with a life filled with love one’s and friends.

To protect your loved ones and friends this holiday season be sure to setup you decorations – especially your tree – using safe decorating and lighting practices. Broken ornaments can cut and maim toddlers, dry trees are a fire hazard and too many lights on one circuit can burn a tree down even if it is soaking wet.

Don’t use metal connectors to hang lights and try to hang light strings out of direct weather by placing wiring beneath the overhang. All of these tips and more can be found on our website at

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Recent Tests Show ICC Siding Regulations Present Unrealistic Results

In hurricane-prone areas, building codes require fiber cement siding companies take extra care to choose sturdy products that can be properly fastened so they remain safely secured to the building when the wind whips to forceful speeds. Based on the latest test results, it was exposed that numerous industry products do not hold up to the new International Code Council (ICC) standards when it comes to blind-nailing and face-nailing fiber cement siding.

In a continuing effort to better serve its customer base, Nichiha USA, a world leader in fiber cement technology, has taken additional steps to expand on its wind resistance data, primarily on lap siding products. Just as Nichiha’s product offerings have expanded, so must its published technical data for each respective product line.

During the course of recent testing, it became evident that certain discrepancies exist between both new testing protocols and those used in the past, as well as the published results. Nichiha’s testing was conducted in recent months by a third party lab. As initial tests were completed and ultimate loads calculated, it became clear that the loads achieved were significantly different than current published competitor data. Investigating further, the lab personnel noted that competitors’ data was established utilizing different methodologies and held under different standards.

For a meaningful comparison, it was decided the lab would conduct transverse load testing on the competitors’ lap siding products of similar widths and identical fastening methods in an attempt to duplicate the current published data. Based on the results, it is important for homeowners and business owners to understand that some companies within the fiber cement industry are publishing misleading data and misinforming them of the risks associated with improperly fastened fiber cement siding.

Ultimately, it is important that homeowners and business owners feel protected and safe in their homes and places of work, but, with such testing results, it is apparent some popular siding companies are publishing unrealistic data in order to fit in with ICC’s regulations. According to Nichiha’s third party test agency, no siding boards currently on the market would survive a mild category one hurricane of 90 MPH under the current ICC standards for wind load building construction.

UPSIDE TO DOWNSIZE DECORATING:The upside to downsizing mean less, which means less clutter and less time cleaning. Read more...

HOW TO USE HIGH FASHION LIGHTS FOR A LOW BUDGET PRICE…:Lighting is the number one thing to do to change the look and feel of your bathroom. Read more...

A WINTER GARDEN INDOORS: Just because you are putting your garden to bed outdoors, it need not mean you have to stop planting altogether. Read more...

MAKE YOUR HOILDAY FRESH: Fresh herbs explode with flavor and aroma Read more...

WHERE IS YOUR TURKEY?: OK…The biggest food fest, the Thanksgiving Holiday meal, is just days away…

PICTURE PERFECT CRANBERRY SAUCE: Want to make perfect Cranberry Sauce this year? Read more...

HOME TEAM TAKES A TIME OUT: To deter theft, many people leave lights or televisions on when they are out. Obviously this kind of use is wasteful, and can really drive up an electric bill. Read more...

PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTATS & THE FACTS: Programmable thermostats are one of the simplest, easiest and cheapest ways to reduce energy use in your home. Read more...

THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES DRYERS: Clothes dryers are one of the most energy intensive appliances we have at home. Read more...

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