All of us at On The House are very excited. We have teamed up with Rebuilding Together to conduct a nationwide search for the Tradesperson of the Year. The Rebuilding Together Tradesperson of the Year is an individual who gives back to the community, adds value to their industry and, like the 200,000 who volunteer annually for Rebuilding Together, is committed to helping others.

Nominations for the Rebuilding Together Tradesperson of the Year contest will begin soon. Six (6) finalists will be chosen from nominations of skilled tradespersons such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, flooring installers, roofers, sheetrockers and more.

The Grand Prize winner will receive a Super Bowl Getaway for two, including travel, lodging, Superbowl game tickets and $500 in cash. In addition, the Grand Prize winner will appear as a guest co-host during our live national radio broadcast from Rebuilding Together’s annual Kickoff to Rebuild during Super Bowl weekend.

The five (5) runner-up winners as well as each person who nominated one of the six (6) finalists will receive a selection of wonderful prizes from Rebuilding Together’s sponsors.

Please visit our website at for more nomination information.

  Morris, James and Rebecca
  Morris and James Carey and Rebecca Cole

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Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together – Changing Lives One Home at a Time

On Saturday, April 25th, sawing and hammering was heard in hundreds of neighborhoods – from border to border and coast to coast – as more than 200,000 caring volunteers pitched in to repair, update and revitalize over 4,000 homes belonging to the elderly, disabled and thousands of low-income families and individuals who simply need a helping hand.   Read more…

Garden Hose Repairs

. Does your garden hose look like a snake digesting a rat? Perhaps it has a small pinhole leak that occasionally spritzes your face. Worse yet, your hose might be leaking massively, wasting gallons of precious water and leaving you with little or no water pressure.   Read more…

Sky's The Limit With Backyard Entertaining

. Americans today are increasingly turning to their homes and backyards as a retreat for comfortable, cost-effective and carefree entertaining.   Read more…

Karel’s Korner

. I have noticed most of the folks calling in asking questions on a variety of home or garden challenges are over the age of 40.   Read more…

If you can't stand the heat: Getting a new air conditioner

. During a recent heat wave, the central air conditioning system failed in our home.   Read more…

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