August is here and summer’s close is near. Take this time to enjoy the warm weather, enjoy the outdoors and enjoy your home! Read our projects to keep you busy all month long. From using nature to cool you house to checking your deck for lumber defects, On The House saves you money and keeps your summer safe. And remember, we’re always here to help, online or on the radio!

Having trouble keeping your roof clean? Well our friends at Stainhandler have some advice for you. Read their article about the causes of roof problems and remedies for keeping it in tip-top shape. While your outside, read Rebecca Cole’s Digging, Decorating, & Design Tips for professional information on everything gardening and designing.

With some more useful advice are the people at Serious Materials, the makers of Quiet Rock sound-proof drywall. Unwanted noise is a big problem, and noise reduction is sought out by homeowners, remodelers, and contractors a like. Serious Materials & Quiet Rock talk about some new innovations to combat unwanted noise in the home. Don’t forget to check out their Green Tip series, with easy, do-it-yourself ways to become green.

So stay cool, be healthy, save energy, eat well and we'll see you next month!

  Morris, James and Rebecca
  Morris and James Carey and Rebecca Cole

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Keeping your roof in tip-top shape!

Most homeowners do a good job of preserving the value of their property by painting the exterior walls and trim if they require it or pressure washing low maintenance exteriors  to keep them fresh looking. But too often, the roof, especially an asphalt shingle roof, is looked at as something you don’t maintain, just replace when it wears out.

If you live in an area where there is frequent rain or high humidity, or areas of your roof are in constant shade, chances are good you will experience slow growth of vegetation on your roof in the form of algae, mildew, moss, lichens or fungus. This begins most often  on the north side of homes. The problem has spread steadily with the change in shingle composition, and now exists in an estimated 80% of the U.S.   Read more…

Today’s Renovations Sound Different

Sound from your own home theater or sound system can turn around a bad day, immerse you in another world and can lull you to sleep. On the other hand, if you’re hearing someone else’s sound system or conversation while you’re trying to sleep, that’s just noise. Annoying noise. Noise that’s disturbing your sleep, relaxation, or impeding your ability to hear your sound system. Noise that might be creating conflict amongst the family.   Read more…

Using Nature to Cool Your Home

. There was a time when air-conditioners, swamp coolers and electric fans didn't exist. In those days, to cool off the inside of their homes, folks were forced to use their ingenuity.   Read more…

On The House with the Carey Brothers & Rebecca Cole” Premiers on KRLA 870 AM - August 1, 2009

On The House Media, a leading media franchise for the home improvement industry, today announced that its flagship program - “On the House with the Carey Brothers & Rebecca Cole” - is scheduled to begin airing in the Los Angeles market on KRLA 870 AM News Talk radio on Saturday, August 1, 2009.

The popular live call-in talk show will air from 8:00 to 9:00 AM, featuring the combined talents of nationally recognized home improvement gurus, James and Morris Carey, and the renowned lifestyle and design expertise of Rebecca Cole.   Read more…

Eating Healthy

by Karel Nunnink
It’s time to fight back and free ourselves from a host of ailments that threaten to once again rob us of our freedom. This time it’s freedom of movement and the ability to stay mobile. Exercise and meal choices are the best weapons.   Read more…

The Easy Way to Control Insects

Wasps, hornets and yellowjackets strike fear in the heart of anyone who has ever been stung, stumbled across a nest, or simply tried to enjoy a burger and soft drink outdoors in the summertime.
Does this describe you? Then you need to know W•H•Y.   Read more…

Radio Show August Calendar

August 01
On The House is live with another home improvement broadcast. We continue our Green Tip Series with a tip some information on their line of energy saving winodws, Serious Windows.
August 08
This week On The House welcomes Chef Jamie. She continues to surprise and delight us with her savy cooking tips. We also have Rebecca Cole's Digging, Design, & Decorating Tip of the Week with a design tips for a spare room.
August 15
On The House itroduces our brand new contest. One lucky winner will a complete bathroom makeover. This special giveaway is presented by Premier Care in
August 22
On The House is taking America's home improvement, gardening, and design questions. The phone lines are open so give us a call at 1-800-REPAIR-IT with anything and everyhting having to do with the inside and outside of your home.
August 29
On The House will have a special sneek peak of Consumer Reports September issue which features their report on the in Home Electronics. Looking for a new TV for football season, tune-in to find out which is best for you.

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Keep an eye on our website for the latest household and gardening tips.

In The Kitchen, with Dom DeLuiseIn The Kitchen with Dom DeLuise

Here are some of Dom’s best recipes for you and your family to enjoy over the next month!

Broccoli with Rigatoni

No Sugar Baked Apples

Mamma’s Pasta E Fagioli

Mom's Meatballs


Here are some of Rebecca’s best Gardening and Decorating tips to keep you busy indoors and out all month long!

Top 10 Houseplants for Cleaner Air — Houseplants are our often-overlooked helpers in ridding the air of pollutants and toxins, check out the top 10 houseplants for cleaner air.

How to Transplant in the Summertime. — Summer is never the best time to move or transplant garden plants. However, sometimes you have no choice but to move your plants during the hot months.

Designing a Home Office — Whether you’re an aspiring novelist, the family bookkeeper or a stay at home CEO, designing a home office isn’t just a matter of turning your extra bedroom into a work area

How to use High-Fashion Lights for a Low-Budget Price — Lighting is the number one most important thing you can do to change the look and feel of your bathroom. And you can do it all on a modest budget.


HOME TEAM TAKES A TIME OUT — To deter theft, many people leave lights or televisions on when they are out. Obviously this kind of use is wasteful, and can really drive up an electric bill. Timer lighting systems can be a great way to reduce energy costs without having to remember to shut off all the lights in your home. These are cheap to purchase and will pay there way very quickly by switching your lights on and off for you insuring lights are on in your house only during regular hours. Some systems also have a vacation security feature that can switch the lights on and off at random times between a set period so no one will know the house is unoccupied.



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