For those of you who are not fans of dreary weather, fear not - spring has almost sprung! The first official day of spring will be on March 20, and we’ve got plenty of tips and tricks to get your home back into entertaining shape, whether you’re going to be hiding Easter eggs for the kiddies or just hosting a brunch for some friends. Maybe you’ll even whip up some of the delicious recipes created by our good friend Dom DeLuise - as always, we’ve got some of his very best dishes to whet your appetite.

Around the house, our projects and tips will help you clean out your rain gutters, ensure your garbage disposal is working efficiently and safely, and unclog your drains, among other things. Hopefully you’ll have plenty of time to get these simple chores done, as Daylight Saving Time also begins this month. Remember to take a few minutes on that day to replace the batteries in your smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors; it’s so easy to do, and can save not only your home, but your life.

Thanks so much for taking time to read this month’s offering of our On The House e-Newsletter. We hope you’ll stay with us as the weather gets warmer and the days grow brighter. You’ll definitely want to stay tuned to our website and our radio program to learn more about how you can win one of five ReBath bathtub remodels for your home totaling $25,000 in prizes! March kicks off the ReBath "Ugliest Bath Makeover" presented by 1-800-BATHTUB. You’ll have until the end of April to vie for the opportunity to refresh and revitalize that room in your home that is all-too-often taken for granted.

Stay well, have a great March and we’ll talk again in April.

  Morris and James Carey and Rebecca Cole

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[???] How insurance companies keep track of you (and why you should get a CLUE). Here's how!

[???] This year when you "spring forward," there's another thing of importance to accomplish. Here's how!

[???] Gutter scraps? Don't throw 'em away...turn 'em into time- and space-savers instead! Here's how!

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Prime problem-solving tips, in and around the house

When the sun comes out in the spring, it's a good time to put an end to those little annoyances around the house that have been bothering you all winter.   Read more...

OnTheHouse Product Review: Gorilla Wood Glue

When we were asked to test the new Gorilla Wood Glue, we started by digging out our stash of trusted wood glues of years gone by.

Along side our hefty 8-ounce plastic bottle of new Gorilla Wood Glue, we first set up our bottle of trusty yellow “carpenter’s” glue. Next to that, we set-up our bottle of white glue (for all porous surfaces) with the famous moo-cow on the label.

These latter day wood glues superceded the original grand daddy of wood glues – animal-based organic “hide” glue – which has been traced back almost 9,000 years (where it was used for ship building) and more recently about 4,000 years (when it was used by the Egyptians for furniture building).

Today’s carpenter’s glue, are often a polyvinyl acetate (PVA) laboratory creation– as is the white stuff made to bond wood.  Gorilla Wood Glue is a cross-linked PVA, that is water resistant and with no dyes added, it dries a natural color.


Quality and safety are watchwords for garbage disposal unit

In remodeling nowadays, who would think of putting in a sink and not including a disposal? But you have to remember: you really do get what you pay for.   Read more...

KAREL’S KORNER: Beef is bad

by Karel Nunnink
Recently we were subjected by the largest beef recall in recent history. I for one was appalled. So let me point out some important factors when it comes to the question of meat. Hamburgers Hot-Dogs Steak Ribs  Veal it is almost UN American to question the pros and con’s of red meat. 1 hamburger equals 55 sq feet of rain forest loss, the environmental consequences are disastrous.   Read more...

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In The Kitchen with Dom DeLuise

Here are some of Dom's best recipes for you and your family to enjoy over the next month!

Dom's Italian Mussels — A Must! Serve with Hot Italian Bread to Soak Up That Delicious Broth!

Dom's Oven Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Onions — A Fabulous Add To Any Meal!

Macaroni & Cheese with Crab — No more tasteless box mixes, this Macaroni & Cheese is so delicious, you'll serve it to company!

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