June is here, and with the new month comes the beginning of Summer. This month’s edition of the On The House Express is jam-packed full of ideas, tips, and fun to get your summer started off right!

Our tips featured in this newsletter will give you some ways to impress Dad for Father’s Day. Our “Home Maintenance for Dummies” book is a great gift and will keep him busy the rest of the year. We even have some great ways to fix the inside and outside of your home. If you have young aspiring artists who like to draw anywhere, you’ll want to check out our tips section. Want more light in your life and your home, well then get to reading our project on skylights and get to work!

We have two great contests currently going on. First, California Redwood Association presents the Great Backyard Giveaway, this is your chance to win the backyard of your dreams! The Grand Prize winner will receive enough lumber and redwood to construct a 400 Square Foot deck. Enough Superdeck deck stain to complete your new deck and rail. Superdeck will also supply enough Mason’s Select concrete stain to refinish a large patio. Grip-Tite Super Sockets will throw in a 17 piece socket set to help put together your new deck. Last but certainly not least, Fiesta Grills is awarding the grand prize winner a brand new Blue Ember 650 iQue gas grill. This baby has a digital screen that allows different grilling zones to cook assorted meats at various temperatures at the same time.

The other contest that is currently running is the Control Your Power, Control Your Life Sweepstakes presented by Generac Power Systems. This is a wonderful opportunity to get your hands on a device that can be a life-saver when you need it most! One lucky winner will receive a Guardian Whole House Stand-by Generator to protect their home and family from unforeseen power outages. Check out their link at the top of this newsletter for more info on how Generac can help you out and be sure to enter the Control Your Life Sweepstakes at www.onthehouse.com.

Got noise? Check out what our friends at Quiet Rock have to say about making your home quieter. California Redwood Association offers some interesting facts on redwood decks that you might have not known. And Rebecca Cole has some great tips on kick starting your outdoor area with shopping secrets and gardening guidance - the key is to keep your plants healthy, so keep them watered and be sure to pick up some fertilizer. Your plants will appreciate a feeding every two to three weeks.

As always, we have Dom DeLuise “In The Kitchen” with some great recipes for June; you’ll almost be able to smell what he’s cooking. Don’t forget to stop by Karel’s Korner for some helpful advice on keeping your body fit for summertime from America’s Number One Personal Trainer. And remember On The House is now available on iTunes as a podcast.

So till next time, make June fantastic and we look forward to July for another excellent edition of On The House Express!

  Morris and James Carey and Rebecca Cole

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[???] Father’s Day is fast approaching. Are you still wondering what to get dad? Here's how!

[???]Got a budding little artist at your house who draws on walls? Erase kiddie wall art.Here's how!

[???]Ever driven a nail into wood it too close to the end — and crack, the wood splits! Prevent splitting with just a little upside-down hitting Here's how!

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How To Quiet Your Home

First it was trains, planes and automobiles. Then lawnmowers, leaf blowers and barking dogs. Now it’s loud music, big-screen televisions and home theaters.
If we were playing “Jeopardy,” the question would be: “What noise is driving people nuts?”   Read more...

Skylights improve light, ventilation and safety

For more natural light that will brighten your home and your life, think skylights. Today more than ever, skylights are being included in both remodeling and new home construction.   Read more...

Go Green, Go Natural, Go Redwood!

Redwood has long been the natural choice for premium decks and outdoor architecture projects. Consumers, designers and contractors rave about redwood’s durability and unmatched beauty. And it’s easy to take care of – whether you apply a finish to your redwood to keep the warm red tones prominent or let the heartwood take on a distinctive weathered look, redwood always delivers a distinctive, classic deck.
Now, there’s another reason to choose redwood – to demonstrate your commitment to the environment and green living. Redwood is one of the greenest building materials on earth.   Read more...

KAREL’S KORNER: Optimize Your Body!

by Karel Nunnink
Summer is vastly approaching with long days of more sunshine. Although we need the sun for living, it damages the structure of certain materials. Patio furniture, windshield wipers, house paint, plastics and rubber can fade, become brittle, and eventually crack.

Sunlight contributes to this process called ‘Oxidative Damage’. The same thing happens in our bodies.   Read more...

Keep your foundation firm with good soil drainage

We hope that your garden is bountiful, but don't compromise your home's structural integrity by being an overzealous green thumb. Proper drainage and soil configuration can save you some headaches.   Read more...

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Outdoor Living Space — An Extension of the Home
How composite decking can give you longer lasting beauty with less maintenance
QuietSolutions tips to achieving peace and quiet at home — Keep checking the website to see new tips from QuietRock.

In The Kitchen with Dom DeLuise

Here are some of Dom's best recipes for you and your family to enjoy over the next month!

Italian Eggs Benedict — Yes, eggs sent all the way from Italy, have to be good!

Roasted Asparagus with Hollandaise — A perfect addition to any meal!

Pasta Salad — Don't let the "salad" name deceive you. It's plenty gooood!

Shrimp and Fettuccini — Shrimp and Fettuccini, What a Pair!

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