As summer winds to a close, it's time to think more about the time you will spend inside your home.

This month we provide some information on storage to clear some space inside your home. In addition, we have some tips on roofing choices.

To assist you with winterizing your roof, we welcome back Dr. Roof to OnTheHouse and he will be here bringing you new tips every day. Keep an eye on for roofing tips, new recipes from Dom DeLuise, and informative features from our sponsors.

Stay warm, be healthy, save energy, eat well and we'll see you next month!

  Morris and James Carey

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[???] Protect your lungs from dust, fumes or vapors. Here's how!

[???] Celebrate one man's dream ?Labor Day?both smart and safely? Here's how!

[???] How and why home automation is making inroads around the nation? Here's how!

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Caulking, for a Fresh 'New' Look in Your Home

Remodeling is a wonderful way to make a tired home look like new. But not every budget or schedule allows for tackling a major project -- even when it is needed. However, there are ways to spruce up your household and to give it a fresh "new" look, without breaking the bank, by investing just a few hours on a much-needed home maintenance task such as caulking.   Read more...

The Latest on Storage

Metal shelving is lightweight, unbelievably easy to assemble, strong and, best of all, you don't need a truck to get it home.   Read more...

Choosing Roofing Material

A roof does more than keep a home dry. It usually has an impact on the overall appearance of a home and hence, its value. And, because a new roof is one of the single largest home-improvement expenses, it makes sense to choose material that will enhance a home's architecture and last a long time.   Read more...

KAREL’S KORNER: The Benefits of Vitamin C

by Karel Nunnink
Humans, guinea pigs and primates are the only species that do not manufacture their own Vitamin C. Many people are wary of taking 1000 mg or more a day. However, large hunting cats (equal in weight to humans) when under stress will easily manufacture 2-3 grams (2000-3000 mg) of Vitamin C. They use the vitamin as needed fuel for adrenals or healing.   Read more...

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In The Kitchen with Dom DeLuise

Here are some of Dom's best recipes for you and your family to enjoy over the next month!

Szechwan Chicken Stir-fry — Chinese food to make your mouth water!

Chicken Picatta — You've picked the right recipe for tonight!

Arugula Salad — This is my favorite simple and tasty salad!

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