Even though it already feels like summer in some areas of the country, the first official day of summer is June 21. Wherever you live, we're ready to help you get your home - and your self - into shape!

This month, our friend Karel Nunnink shares his health expertise with an article about how to keep your back healthy and fit. His tips can keep you on the go this summer, whether you enjoy summer sports or just want to work on your home.

Planning a party, but worried that your equipment isn't ready to go because it's been so long since you've used it? Not a problem, with our tips on how to clean your pool and get your barbecue grilling again. And for those times when you want to stay indoors, we've got advice on keeping your central air conditioners and your windows optimized, so you can keep those high summer utility bills down.

And speaking of windows, be sure to read our article about eco-friendly skylights. Did you know that indoor air can be just as polluted as the air outside? Luckily, some companies have developed "green" products to improve the air in your home.

With everyone else going on, don't forget about... Dad! Father's Day is on Sunday, June 17. Maybe you can show him how much you care by inviting him to a homemade lunch of delicious recipes from our longtime friend Dom DeLuise. We've included some great dishes in the newsletter for you to try out!

Have a wonderful June, and we'll look forward to "seeing" you again in July!

James and Morris Carey

  Morris and James Carey

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Quick Tips!

[???] Following these steps will make pool opening go swimmingly! Here's how!

[???] Keep your air conditioner clean and well-lubricated, and you'll have relief all season long. Here's how!

[???] A keyless chuck-replacement kit is the answer to your electric drill's lost key-operated chuck. Here's how!

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Dealing With Weeds

Among our least favorite chores is weeding. This likely stems from one Carey brother as a child being employed as chief gardener for an aunt with an elaborate flower garden.   Read more...

Shut the Window on High Utility Costs

During the spring and summer, windows frame a picture perfect world filled with brilliantly blooming flowers and trees, children riding bikes and dogs running in the yard. Unfortunately, windows can also increase utility bills.   Read more...

KAREL’S KORNER: Maintaining a Healthy Back while Maintaining Your Home

The American dream! Own your own home, but with that comes an enormous amount of responsibility and work. There are what seems to be endless home improvements and upkeep, which reflect your special taste and workmanship. So, if you’re a hands-on type of individual such as me, there are hundreds of projects that await you. Unfortunately, an aching back, sore joints or muscle strain may also be in your future unless you take steps to prevent personal injury.   Read more...

Keeping your grill great

It's time to haul out the barbeque to get it ready for the season, and we think we can make it a bit easier for you this go round with solutions to some common gas grill problems.   Read more...

Skylights and Indoor Air Quality

by James and Morris Carey

In recent years, the fast-emerging “green” building trend has really taken hold. And while everyone is in agreement that it is a good thing, everyone is not in agreement as to exactly what constitutes a “green” home – new or renovated.

A closer look reveals that, when various factions – such as builders, contractors and governing agencies and even homeowners – refer to a home as being “green,” it is more or less an ecologically and/or operationally improved living space that in some way makes things better for planet Earth, or it’s its people, or both.

So What Is It…Exactly?  

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In The Kitchen with Dom DeLuise

Here are some of Dom's best recipes for you and your family to enjoy over the next month!

Roasted Springtime Lamb — Ahh, what better time to eat lamb than spring!

Dom's Ham and Asparagus Frittatas — Fabulous with Cottage Cheese!

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