Since summer has only just begun, we thought we'd bring you more seasonal tips for the July edition of the OTH Express Newsletter. All over the country, people are turning their air conditioners on - but unfortunately, some of these systems will fail completely, or just not work as well as they should. Luckily, we've got in-depth advice on what to look for when purchasing a new air conditioner. Besides not keeping you cool, an older system can really drive up your utility bill! We'll tell you about energy efficient AC's and how they can save you money.

When you're outside enjoying the weather, you should also enjoy your home's appearance. Why not put a trellis over your garden walkway or patio? It can provide useful shade and act as a stylish element to your home's design. Speaking of your patio, if you've got some ugly rust stains, we know a way to clean them up that's as easy as making lemonade.

For outdoor entertaining, there are few things better than a beautiful redwood deck. Our friends at the California Redwood Association share information on why redwood is as good for the environment as it is for a stable, attractive deck. They've also provided tips on maintenance and how to keep your redwood deck looking good year after year.

Finally, don't forget that summer is often the best time to do those building projects around

the house. Quikrete, a leading manufacturer of cement and concrete products, shares some great tips suited for virtually any landscape or construction project you can think of. While high-quality enough for professional use, Quikrete's products are also perfect for the DIY-er.

Some of the hottest days of the year will soon be upon us, so remember to stay safe and stay cool! If you want to do some 'indoor surfing,' why not the On the House website? Be on the look out for The Idea Center... presented by Bank of America Home Equity. Our first project will show you how you can turn your home “green.” Thanks for reading this issue of the OTH Express Newsletter. We'll see you in August!

  Morris and James Carey

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Quick Tips!

[???] With energy costs very high, now is an excellent time to beat the heat and to beat high energy bills. Here's how!

[???] A lemon will cut rust on concrete! Here's how!

[???] Question: Want to remove old paint, vinyl baseboards, stuck bolts and more? Here's how!

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California Redwood Association

Painting Stucco

If you're like most folks, your home is the single biggest investment that you will make in a lifetime. Therefore, it makes good sense to do everything that you can to take good care of it...   Read more...

Patio Pavers: The Key To Elaborate Outdoor Living

The development of elaborate outdoor living spaces is a trend that has continued to rise along with the growth of the decorative concrete industry. By laying patio pavers to create unique hard surface features, using concrete coatings to add elegance to otherwise dull concrete slabs or installing amenities like concrete countertops, fireplaces and barbeque pits, outdoor spaces like patios and porches have become a favorite place for homeowners to entertain with style. For project inspiration, visit and select “QUIKRETE At Home.”   Read more...

Building a Trellis

A trellis can provide delicate shade over a patio, a leafy walkway through the garden, or an effective screen.   Read more...

KAREL’S KORNER: Freedom and Independence

The American Way: We fought our way free of oppression more than 200 years ago. And look what has happened to us.   Read more...

If you can't stand the heat: Getting a new air conditioner

During a recent heat wave, the central air conditioning system failed in our home.   Read more...

Redwood for Green Living

The original low-maintenance deck is a sound environmental choice
By Charles Jourdain

The better picture you have in your mind about how you want your deck to look and feel before you start building it, the more likely you are to enjoy the end result.

Plan ahead and you can accentuate your home and outdoor living space. You can have shade when and where you want it. You can get the look you want from day one and as your deck ages. You can build the perfect gathering place and stand on your commitment to living green.


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Pork Medallions with Apples — I love this wonderful meat & fruit combination!

Fusilli and Veggies — This is a really quick and nutritious week-night supper!

Carol's Favorite Sausage & Sauerkraut — My wife Carol and I just love this dish, and it makes a quick and easy supper.

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