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Winter can be brutal on both your home and your pocketbook especially considering the out-of-sight cost of energy. Therefore, our job this month is to share with you some valuable tips on how to prevent damage to your home from Old Man Winter. And while we're at it, we have some great suggestions on easy-to-do tasks that will improve comfort, lower your energy bill and help preserve our precious natural resources. You'll find that replacing an old thermostat with a new programmable model; cleaning your water heather; and investigating radiant floor heating can pay big energy-saving dividends.

And with Valentine's Day and Super Bowl Sunday being a couple of February favorites, we have included some tips on how to clean up after your messy Super Bowl party and how to create a romantic mood for Valentine's Day by dimming the lights.

Finally, join us In The Kitchen with our friend Dom DeLuise for a sampling of some great February culinary treats.

All the best to your and yours this month.

  Morris and James Carey

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Quick Tips!

[???] Insulation and infiltration control is a smart money-saving improvement. Here's how!

[???] Practice the dab-and-blot play! Here's how!

[???] How to "brighten" your life... by just dimming the lights! Here's how!

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Trends from the International Builders’ Show 2006

We recently had the pleasure of attending the International Builders’ Show presented by the National Association of Home Builders. Billed as one of the world’s biggest building industry events, the show gives builders, remodelers, architects and other building industry-associated occupations a peek at the latest and greatest in building materials and technology.
This year’s event featured 1600 exhibitors peddling their products to over 100,000 inquisitive attendees. Windows, doors, fireplaces, appliances, cabinets, siding, decking, roofing, heating & cooling, ventilation, foundation systems, steel framing, plumbing fixtures, insulation, door hardware, safety and security systems, electrical and lighting and home automation are just a sampling of the over 300 product categories represented at the show.   Read more...

Maintaining a Water Heater

For most people, water heaters are one of those out-of-sight, out-of-mind appliances. But, a lack of hot water shouldn't be the only reason that you wipe the cobwebs away for a look at the old tank.   Read more...

The Problem, Old Thermostats Aren't Smart

Most homes have switches that control such things as lighting, garbage disposals, pumps and automatic garage door openers. A device, which most of us don't think of as a switch, is the thermostat. It controls the home's heating system.   Read more...


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PLUS - CAREY BROS. 3D DECK & LANDSCAPE has helpful popup hints, as-you-go animation, along with real products, calculators & estimators. You.ll see every detail in 3D with accurate colors as you lay out your plan. What.s more . you can generate a bill of materials so you.ll nail your budget down to the last dime. Insert lighting, equipment such as a built-in barbecue or patio warmer, furniture -- even planters & plants. Change anything you like until it.s just right.

If you.d like to learn more about CAREY BROS. 3D DECK & LANDSCAPE, visit   Read more...

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Rebuilding Together Remote in Detroit
February 11
The Carey Brothers will let you know the best way to store your lawn equipment in the cooler months
February 18
5 steps to reduce indoor air pollution
February 25
The Carey Bros. will broadcasting live from the California Citrus Growers Association Tour weekend at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

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In The Kitchen with Dom DeLuise

Here are some of Dom's best recipes for you and your family to enjoy over the next month!

Dom's Baked Apples — An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

Dom's Split Pea Soup — Perfect For A Chilly Winter Night!

Dom's Pork Skewers — Who Needs a Fork!?!

Dom's Irish Stew — You Don't Need To Be Irish To Love This!

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