The official 'dog days of summer' are finally upon us! While we prepare to enjoy the final full month of summer, we have some fantastic tips on how you and your family can have some safe fun with our four-legged canine friends. We also have some great ideas on how to bring a "fresh" look to your home and (believe it or not) it's as simple as a tube of caulk.

Since summer is traditionally a popular time for moving, in this issue we offer up some tips on what you should know before planting a "for sale" sign in your yard and what to look for when shopping for your dream home.

Plus, indoor humidity can wreak havoc on your home and your family's health. Read all about how you can prevent your home from becoming a casualty, lower your energy bill and improve your health all in one fell swoop!

And don't forget to step in the kitchen with our friend and yours, Dom DeLuise, for some culinary delights that will make your end-of-summer barbecue the envy of your neighborhood. It's all in this month's issue of the On The House Express!

Stay cool, be healthy, save energy, eat well and we'll see you next month!

  Morris and James Carey

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Quick Tips!

[???] Decorative ceiling paddle fans heat, cool and dry up a room. What's more, they save money on energy and utility bills. Here's how!

[???] A home is probably the largest single investment you'll ever make. Here's how!

[???] How to keep little ones "safe" with a four-step program of the same name. Here's how!

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Caulking, for a Fresh 'New' Look in Your Home

Remodeling is a wonderful way to make a tired home look like new. But not every budget or schedule allows for tackling a major project -- even when it is needed. However, there are ways to spruce up your household and to give it a fresh "new" look, without breaking the bank, by investing just a few hours on a much-needed home maintenance task such as caulking.   Read more...

Selling Your Home

When it comes to selling a home, an unappealing interior, exterior or yard can be serious and expensive drawbacks for the seller.   Read more...

High Humidity Can Make You and Your Home Sick

A common summer complaint is: It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. Too much moisture in the hot summer air can literally turn your home in into a steam bath. Though weather conditions have the greatest effect on humidity levels, high humidity can be present:

  • During summer months
  • In areas located near waterfronts
  • After continuous rains
  • In rooms with plumbing running through them, such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • In undergrounds facilities, such as basements
  • In rooms with poor ventilation - especially super energy efficient homes built in the last fifteen years
  • Crawlspaces

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August 05
Nikki Krueger of Aprilaire will chat with the Carey Bros. about indoor air quality. PEARL CEO & Co-founder David Duley will also join us to speak about fire safety.
August 12
A representative from TimberTech will discuss the latest in deck design.
August 19
JoAnne Liebeler, author of Big Ideas for Small Spaces will share a few decorating tips for small spaces.
August 26

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In The Kitchen with Dom DeLuise

Here are some of Dom's best recipes for you and your family to enjoy over the next month!

Dom's Italian Chicken Quiche — A Dish The Whole Family Will Love!

Dom's Italian Garbanzo Salad — Perfect For Your Vegetarian Friends!

Dom's Grilled Shrimp, Italian Style — Dig In!

Dom's California Avocado Salad Dressing — Delicious on any summer salad!

Dom's Apple Crisp — A Perfect Summertime Dessert!

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