As the seasons change, it may be wise to conduct some seasonal home maintenance to prepare your house for the cooler months ahead. One way to stay ahead of the game is to keep your home energy efficient. In this issue you will learn about 'The Carey Bros. Energy Efficiency Challenge, we will also go In The Kitchen with Dom DeLuise to see what he's cooking this month and we will have various home improvement tips to keep you house in tip-top shape! Remember, now is a good time to start those fall projects in order to prep your home for the cold winter months ahead!

Here's to the fall home improvement season!

  Morris and James Carey

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[???] A new trend for wallet "greening": yard and garage sale "fall cleaning." Here's how!

[???] Checklists of what to do for homes, kids, and you - oooh! Here's how!

[???] Enjoying the last big weekend of summer? A timely reminder to 'take care! Here's how!

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Seasonal Preparation

There is a laundry list of home maintenance tasks that should be performed as we move through fall and into winter. Here are a few of them!   Read more...

Decking alternatives: How about composite wood?

A beautiful wood deck is the superstar amenity of a home's exterior. It is the undisputed focal point, serving both visually and as the "heart" of one's outdoor lifestyle. Much like the kitchen phenomenon indoors, decks are a social "magnet" where those who live there relax and will spend a great deal of time and it is where guests gather and socialize.   Read more...

Repairing Your Toilet Saves Water Waste -- and Noise

Wasting water is expensive and the abuse of a precious natural resource. In addition, a leak can prevent a toilet from flushing properly, which can require multiple flushes and result in still more wasted water.   Read more...

Last Chance Chores -- Before Winter

Winter is setting in and the cold, wet days to come will prevent us -- or at least make it very difficult for us -- to perform important tasks that affect our comfort and our pocketbook.   Read more...

On The House October Calendar

October 01
Jodee Brydges, CEO of Meridian Financial will share tips on how to finance your home improvement projects.
October 08
James and Morris will speak with Pamela O'Connor, president and chief executive of REO/Leading Real Estate Companies of the World about inexpensive DIY projects to increase the value of your home.
October 15
Davis Remignanti, Lead Design Consultant at will share decorating tips the Carey Bros.
October 22
Don Silvers will be on the program to discuss his latest book, Kitchen Design with Cooking in Mind.
October 29

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In The Kitchen with Dom DeLuise

Here are some of Dom's best recipes for you and your family to enjoy over the next month!

Dom's Onion & Mushroom Sauce for Steak or Burgers — This sauce is so delicious, you can serve it with your finest filet, or turn your burgers into a dinner time treat!

Dom's Paella — It Is The Best Of The Sea!

Dom's Ceviche — This is a seafood lover's dream!

Dom's Sausage & White Bean Supper — Exactly What You've Been Craving!

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