Welcome to the July issue of On The House Express. In this issue you'll learn all sorts of great stuff that will help you maintain and improve your piece of the Great American Dream. Learn how you can say good-bye to your plain vanilla garage door and replace it with new state-of-the-art product. And speaking of state-of-the-art, check out the information on new hi-tech siding for the life of your home.

Plus, we have some great tips on dealing with weeds and how to save precious water during the hot summer months!

And as always, we have some great recipes from our buddy Dom DeLuise.

Stay cool inside; don't get too much sun outside; and may your summer maintenance tasks and utility bills be little ones.

  Morris and James Carey

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Quick Tips!

[???] A new "electro-gizmo" lets you know where wires are and where they go! Here's how!

[???] When (and why) some garage attic ladders are okay...and others aren't safe. Here's how!

[???] Want ultra-modern track lights? Get it done (start-to-finish) in minutes! Here's how!

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Wayne Dalton

Say Good-bye to the Plain Vanilla Garage Door

Tired of your plain white garage door? Looking to add value to your home for under $1500? Wayne-Dalton has introduced a revolutionary solution with its fiberglass garage doors . certain to enhance your home’s curb appeal with unparalleled design and quality.   Read more...

New Hi-Tech Siding for the Life of Your Home

Big advancements in siding for the home began in the 1940s, 50s and 60s with the introduction of wood lookalikes in aluminum . and then vinyl . designed to speed installation for contractors and to reduce maintenance for homeowners.
Yet, while better in some respects, they lacked in others with new problems emerging . from warping and chalking to surface denting.
And as time marched on, still more new advancements appeared . such as siding made of steel and even cement . each addressing or resolving a specific shortcoming or problem and designed to add more .something,. such as strength and/or durability.
Still, there was no exterior siding product that did it all. This is.until now.   Read more...

Building a Proper Doghouse

If you have a pooch that could use a little protection from the elements, including rain and cold, as well as sweltering heat, consider giving him a true home of his own.   Read more...

Dealing With Weeds

Among our least favorite chores is weeding. This likely stems from one Carey brother as a child being employed as chief gardener for an aunt with an elaborate flower garden.

While her home would be considered modest by most standards, there was nothing average about her garden. It was her passion, and was surrounded by countless large trees, plants, ornamental shrubs, decorative hanging baskets, stately hedges, four lush lawns and a "Versailles-like" rose garden. It goes without saying that a garden of this magnitude required constant care. That meant that three days each week after school, all day Saturdays and summer vacations were committed to work in her garden. A day's work might include mowing, edging, trimming, pruning, fertilizing, raking leaves, watering and the dread weeding.


How Water Is Used in the Home

In this day and age of indoor toilets and aqueducts, it is hard to conceive of water rationing. One who has experienced a drought recently will tell you that water rationing at 50 gallons a day per person (and in some cases, 50 gallons per day per household), is limiting. By contrast, it would be easy for a family of four to use 1,500 gallons of water per day trying to maintain an average household and a garden.

Drought or not, water conservation makes good sense. Besides ensuring availability, you can count on reducing the water bill. And there is another plus.


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In The Kitchen with Dom DeLuise

Here are some of Dom's best recipes for you and your family to enjoy over the next month!

Grilled Trout — Don't Let This Fish Get Away!

Squash Soup — Satisfying for the whole family!

Dom's Open Faced Salmon Sandwich — Served with a salad and a lovely glass of white wine, this dish makes a lovely lunch, or a simple light dinner

Dom's Linguine with Mushrooms & Peas — This Is A Dish The Wole Family Will Love!

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