Happy holidays from the Carey Brothers! This issue features several useful articles just in time for your holiday celebrations, including some holiday safety tips, tips about drain cleaning and some of Dom DeLuise's best recipes. We will also give you a chance to improve the value of your home, and the look of your entryway, with our 2nd Annual Ugliest Door in America Contest! Also, how about a Windload-rated garage door, which can protect homes in hurricane, northern storm and tornado-prone areas?

All of this great information, and more... ON THE HOUSE! Have a great holiday season and we'll see you in 2006!

  Morris and James Carey

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Quick Tips!

[???] How and why chimney fires start... and all about the Chimney Sweep's "art"! Here's how!

[???] Clear up minor fireplace problems... so smoke won't ruin your Christmas Eve. Here's how!

[???] How to buy and care for a Christmas tree so it won't become ?needle-free.? Here's how!

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Have you entered the Ugliest Door in America contest?  If not what are you waiting for ?

Heres your opportunity to win one of two high performance door systems worth up to $5,000!!!  The folks at Therma-Tru are supplying the door systems and they are truly magnificent.   These doors will not only make your home look beautiful, theyll increase your homes value.  Its the Ugliest Door in America contest presented by Therma-Tru the most preferred brand of doors in the business.

Tips About Drain Cleaning

Near the town of Kusadasi, Turkey, lie the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus. Its history dates back to 2000 B.C. Marble roads and solid granite columns abound. An elegant mosaic-covered sidewalk remains in tact. The shop of a spice vendor can be viewed just as it was when it was open for business 20 centuries before Christ walked the earth.   Read more...

Extreme weather, in all its forms, hurts your home energy bill

It really doesn't make any difference what part of the country you live in, extreme weather of any kind -- hot or cold, rain or not -- will have a negative impact on your energy bill and your level of comfort as well.   Read more...



Lose the garage door, lose the home.

More than 44,000,000 Americans live in coastal regions vulnerable to potentially damaging tropical storms and hurricanes. 1 In most homes, garage doors are typically the largest opening. Risk analysts know that 80% of residential hurricane damage begins with wind entry into the garage* 2.

High winds can cause unreinforced garage doors to buckle, forcing panels out of the roller track 3 and resulting in total door failure. Wind entering the breached garage can pressurize the interior exerting great force on windows, doors, walls and roof panels. 4 Induced internal air pressure can reach such a magnitude that it can literally blow off the roof and tear apart wall panels.

1SOURCE: Louisiana Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness
2SOURCE: Federal Alliance of Safe Homes (FLASH)
3SOURCE: St. Petersburg Times, .Garage Doors Invite Wind., April 17, 2005
3SOURCE: Wayne-Dalton Corp. Design & Engineering  

Holiday Safety

We want to share a few holiday safety ideas with you. Last year more than 30 people died as a result of Christmas tree fires. And although statistics are sketchy, it is estimated that another 1,500 lost their lives to faulty heating systems that caused fires or asphyxiated them (carbon monoxide poisoning).


On The House December Calendar

December 03
Spike Carlson will Join the Carey Bros. to discuss Readers Digest Complete
December 10
Merri-K Appy of the Home Safety Council will share holiday safety tips
December 17
Kenneth Brown, host of HGTV's "reDesign," will give fun/inexpensive decorating ideas
December 24
Best of the Carey Brothers
December 31
Best of the Carey Brothers

In The Kitchen with Dom DeLuise

Here are some of Dom's best recipes for you and your family to enjoy over the next month!

Dom's Stuffed Red Peppers — This Will Spice Up Your Life!

Dom's Thanksgiving Cranberry Relish — Just the dish to make your turkey complete!

Dom's French Onion Soup — To Warm Your Chilly Days!

Italian Turkey Salad — Not only for the Italians to enjoy!

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