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Preparing for the Winter? Start With Your Patio Door!

Study shows homeowners replace patio doors for better performance, improved style and enhanced security

If your patio door is rusty, warped, cracked or just plain ugly, now is the perfect time to replace it, and bring beauty and light into your home while improving energy efficiency, security and protection from inclement weather.

“For years, patio doors have had the reputation of sticking in their tracks, allowing rain and air to seep through and being easy prey for burglars,” said James Carey, co-host of On the House, a nationally syndicated radio show. “With outdoor living gaining popularity, homeowners want patio doors that get the job done.”

Consider the findings of a recent study by Consumer Profiles and NFO Worldwide:
• Homeowners replace patio doors because they aren’t in good condition, aren’t energy efficient and to improve the home’s appearance
• Respondents replaced aluminum patio units primarily because they did not work properly
• Homeowners who installed fiberglass patio doors have the highest satisfaction compared with other materials – 85.7% compared with 75.8% for aluminum and 76.2% for vinyl

Therma-Tru’s Fiberglass Patio Door Systems
Therma-Tru’s patio door systems – in which all components are manufactured to work together for maximum long-term performance – feature the high-quality fiberglass construction and fine detail that made its entry doors the most preferred in the industry. Fiberglass won’t ding, dent or rust like steel or aluminum, and won’t swell, rot, crack or warp like wood. The company’s hinged and sliding patio doors are available in the Fiber-Classic®, Smooth-Star® collections, and Slim-Line™ offers another option in sliding patio doors.

An optional multi-point keyed locking system is available on Fiber-Classic and Smooth-Star hinged patio door systems, enhancing security because the lock engages the frame at three points, rather than only at one strike plate. It also keeps the door panel seated squarely in the frame, ensuring proper alignment and weather sealing even if the house settles.

Slim-Line patio door systems feature a standard dual-point locking system, and include an interior spring-loaded footbolt for greater security.

What Type of Door is Right for You?
Hinged patio doors offer classic French-door elegance, often fitting nicely in a kitchen connecting to a patio or a family room that leads to the deck. This type of door is ideal if you live in a climate with high winds and inclement weather, since winds simply push the door against the jamb, ensuring a tighter seal.

Sliding patio doors come in a variety of styles and offer space advantages unavailable with other door styles. This look is ideal for spaces where you want a large viewing area and lots of light. Therma-Tru’s sliding patio door systems offer double, triple and bi-parting quadruple panel configurations for doors up to 12 feet wide and eight feet tall.

“No matter which type of patio door you choose, you’ll want to be sure that it is installed and stained or painted according to the manufacturer’s instructions,” said Morris Carey, co-host of On the House. “That way, you will stay within the bounds of the warranty, and can ensure that your new fiberglass patio door system will provide you with the security, beauty, performance and durability your family requires of its patio door system.”

Therma-Tru Patio Door Systems are available at lumberyards and building materials dealers nationwide.