Welcome to the May edition of On The House Express! Those April showers from last month brought some May flowers. Along with May flowers, this month will probably have that infamous day when you look out the window and say, "Boy, are those screens dirty."

Never fear! The Carey Brothers are here to help you with many spring cleaning tips, including how to clean screens, soot, and even that scourge of your house -- mildew. We'll teach you how to beat these household pests once and for all -- or at least until next year!

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  Morris and James Carey

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[???] Dirty toilet? Your cleaning solution may be in your medicine cabinet! Find out more!

[???] Has melted candle wax dripped on your carpet? Here's how to clean it!


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Attacking Soot and Mildew

As snow turns to rain and rain to sunshine, the season change reminds us that it's time once again to begin our spring attack on the unsightly mess that invariably builds up each year during our homes' annual winter in captivity. You know the kind of yuck we're talking about - the fireplace soot, kitchen grease and bathroom mildew that build up when your home's windows and doors are kept closed. Read More...


Cleaning Screens and Other Spring-Cleaning Tips

Here are some tips on the best ways to clean screens, upstairs windows, and anything else outside the house! Read More...

Tips for Making Your Home More Energy-Efficient

According to a report released by the Energy Information Administration in April, world electricity use is growing about 3.5 percent per year, and natural gas consumption is expected to increase 67 percent over the next 20 years.

An easy way to reduce home energy consumption — which leads to reduced costs — is to add insulation in attics or walls. While most homeowners tend to think about insulation in the fall or winter to keep heating bills low, it's equally relevant to add insulation in the summer to help offset energy costs from air conditioning or home cooling. Johns Manville Formaldehyde-free fiber glass insulation is a terrific product that provides acoustical and indoor air quality benefits in addition to its thermal/energy efficiency properties. Plus, with product offerings such as ComfortTherm(R) encapsulated formaldehyde-free batts and rolls, you'll experience virtually no itch or dust during handling.


According to the National Fenestration Council, energy prices have increased the cost of heating and cooling one's home by 400% over the past decade!

Studies have shown that 40 cents of every dollar is wasted because of inefficient windows. How can you make a difference? One way is by using foam sealants. A great example is Great Stuff Pro Window and Door foam, which is designed to air-seal the gap between a window or door and its rough opening. Its special low pressure formula provides permanent insulation around windows and doors without distorting or bowing the frames.

Crew Member of the Month

[danny bringer]
Danny Bringer is our crew member of the month!

This month's Crew Member of the Month is our sound engineer extraordinare, "Captain" Danny Bringer! He gets us on the air and does it in style. His music selections keep the Careys in tune. Nobody can solve a home repair problem with sound effects like Captain Dan can. He loves to push buttons, and it shows (in our shows).

On The House May Calendar

Here's what is coming up this month on our show!

May 8th - In-studio interview with Dave MacClellan on his Spring Home Checklist. Later in the program, we will have a phone interview with Todd Lawson, author of The House To Ourselves.

May 15th - The Carey Bros. will be broadcasting from the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas!

May 22nd - We will have a phone interview with Mike Daniels of Air Vent. Later in the program, we'll be speaking with Terry Kennedy, author of Fix It Before It Breaks.

May 29th - We will have a phone interview with the folks at Therma-Tru. They'll be telling us all about home entryways and doors.

In The Kitchen with Dom DeLuise

Here are some of Dom's best recipes for you and your family to enjoy over the next month!

Tiramisu — This recipe is so quick and easy that it will be done with a snap of your ladyfingers!

Jambalaya — Take one bite of this and you'll feel like you're back in New Orleans!

Corn Muffins — Little Miss Muffet loved Dom's muffins!

Italian Pork Chops — Apple sauce goes great with these!

[plant] The Meaningful Garden

Over the centuries, flowers and plants have been used to convey many messages and have been assigned a variety of meanings. Often during the Victorian era, gardeners would choose their plantings based on the meanings rather than the appearance, allowing them to create a specific significance, idea, or point. The same definitions were used to create bouquets with special meanings (this was most common during courting.)